SKRIPSI Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2010

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar

Analisis Peranan Pendapatan Asli Daerah Terhadap Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah Kabupaten Bojonegoro (Tahun Analisis 2006-2009)

Eva Nurfitriana




Nurfitriana, Eva. 2010. The Analysis of Regional Incomes Role to Regional Budget in Bojonegoro Regency (in 2006-2009). Thesis, Economic development departement Economic Faculty State University of  Malang. Preceptor lecture:   (I) Dr. Hadi Sumarsono, S.T., M.Si. (II) Farida Rahmawati, SE, ME.


Keyword: PAD, APBD


This research aims to determine the PAD contribution to regional budgets. Base on the regional autonomy policy, instructed that the transitional authority to manage their local government affairs of which is summarized in the Law no. 32 of 2004. This decentralization include of government services for the community and fiscal decentralization. With this policy, local governments must finding a strategy to increase their local revenues, especially regional income so that it can full the needs of their organization government.. PAD  measured of independence of a region. The proportion of revenue from PAD Bojonegoro in 2006-2007 has been good with an average of 7.23%, but its growth is still volatile, for example, the proportion of revenue decreased from 7.47% in 2007 to 6.58% in 2008. Seeing the potential of Bojonegoro, it is certain to increase Bojonegoro's revenue consistantly. Thus, it is the required in-depth assessment of the potential revenue in Bojonegoro.

This type of research in this thesis is a descriptive research with quantitative approach. The position of researcher in quantitative research is the planner, executor of data collection, analysisator, data interpreter, and eventually became the reporting of research results. So the researcher is a key instrument of research. Type of data in this study are primary and secondary data. Technique data collecting by interview, observation, and documentation. Data analysis was based on the typology analysis Klassen model. As for knowing the policy strategies that can be taken by the government to increase revenue by using SWOT analysis.

In general, the PAD has increased every year, although still instable. Increased revenue for 2007 is good enough that is equal to 8.81%, while for 2008 only 3.9% and for 2009 is better than before which is 19.67%. For the contribution of PAD is still relatively low, because of the Bojonegoro funding, the central government still plays a major role, but getting better Bojonegoro economic growth, as seen from the economic growth for 2010 by 12%.

Revenue Improvement Strategy area in Bojonegoroare an intensification that can be translated several measures to increase taxes, namely: to increase tax collection, improve the management of local taxes, turn Bojonegoro tourism, improve the human resources manager of the PAD. As for the extensification measures to increase taxes, namely: creating a new tax sources, read the needs of local communities. For the levy increase in intensification strategies are: improving service delivery, active role in overseeing the management of local government levies, levy collection to improve the operational system, public infrastructure improvements. As for the extensification namely: the creation of more markets to turn entrepreneur.