DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2019

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The Teaching and Learning of English at Laboratory Primary School of Universitas Neger Malang

Ahmed Djoumoi Ibrahim



Ahmed Djoumoi Ibrahim 2019. THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF ENGLISH AT LABORATORY PRIMARY SCHOOL OF UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MALANG. Thesis, English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang.Advisors: Dr. Sri Rachmajanti, Dip, M.Pd and Prof.Mohammad, Adnan Latief. MA, PhD

KeyWords: Teaching of English, International Class Program (ICP), young learners.

Teaching and learning of English it become a good topic to discuss since since English is becoming interesting for young learners. In Indonesia English is a taught in the primary school as a local content subject. According to the decree of the Minister of Education No.20/2003 stated that the government should the Education level at least one in one standards in to the nation school which become in international standards, SD Lab UM. The research was intended to investigate the teaching and learning of English for the 3rd grade of ICP Class at SD Lab UM. The research was expected to give beneficial contribution for English teacher and the principal of the school with another English teacher who are interesting for teaching English language for young learners.

. The methods used in the teaching and learning of English language of the 3rd grade students at SD Lab UM are, first, inquiry based learning where learning activities are likely based on the question and answer asked by the teacher. Secondly, a cooperative learning strategy has been applied also during the grammar and conjugation class. This methods is used to maintain the dynamism and interaction between students during the classroom activities. A program called habit is applied by the teacher to help students exploring more new English words.

The school facilities such as media of teaching and learning tools are following the norms of international standards. In addition, having a well-qualified English language teachers is the second factor of SD Lab UM’s success. Most of the English teachers are alumni of the state university of Malang itself, they were thought and prepared to be a teacher. So, it is easy for them to progress and succeed in the teaching field.