DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2019

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The Effects of Using Wattpad on Process-Genre Approach towardWriting Achievement and Motivationin Tertiary Level

Rendhi Fatrisna Yuniar




This research presents the integration between the use of technology and teaching process. Taking advantage of technology in classroom like the use of Wattpad helps students to make the classroom activities become more efficient and improves students’ motivation since it can be used anytime and anywhere. The use of Wattpad in teaching and learning process is combined with process-genre approach. Taking advantages of process approach and genre approach, this research aims to show the effect of usingWattpad in teaching and learning process by integrating with process-genre approach towards students’ writing achievement and motivation. This medium is directed to develop an effective strategy to perform effective communication for students by seeing at students’ writing achievement and motivation.

The researcher conducts the research by using pre-experimental research design. The research is begun by proposing the use of Wattpad on process genre approach. Deciding the subject and the scope of the research is the next procedure. The researcher asks for aid from experts to validate the researcher’s instrument. After the instruments have been validated, the researcher collects the data from the subject by distributing pre-test and first questionnaire in order to know students writing competence and motivation before the treatment in the first meeting. In the end of the treatment, the researcher distributes the post-test and second questionnaire in order to know students writing competence and students’ motivation after the implementation of the treatment. The next procedure is data analysis and discussion based on the data collected. The last procedure is analysing the data, discussing, and taking the inference from the result of the treatment.

In the end of the treatment, the researcher found that the use of Wattpad in Process-genre approach brought positive effect toward students’ writing achievement and students’ motivation in learning English. The statistical result showed that the difference of students’ achievement and students’ motivation were significant. The researcher gave suggestion for English lecturer to use Wattpad as medium to teach English since it could help students to actively and supportively participated in teaching and learning process. For the future researchers, they suggested to consider the other approaches to be collaborated with Wattpad. This research can also be used as reference for further researcher.