DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2019

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Implementing Project-Based Learning To Improve Writing Abilty of Communication Visual Design Students In SMKN 1 Banyuwangi

Any Eka Nur Hidayati




Hidayati, Any Eka Nur. 2019. Implementing Project-Based Learning To Improve Writing Ability of Communication Visual Design Students in SMKN 1 Banyuwangi. Thesis, Graduate Program In English Language Teaching, State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. UtamiWidiati, M.A., Ph.D., (2) Dr. EnnyIrawati, M.Pd.


Key words:  Project-Based Learning, Writing Ability, Descriptive Text, Scrapbook

Writing plays as one of the communication activities and ability that very crucial to be mastered. Unfortunately, writing had got less concern in teaching learning process compared to the other English language skills. Since writing is considered as complex and difficult skill to be mastered. Consequently,   based on the result ofinitial writing test in the preliminary study of Communication Visual Design students in SMKN 1 Banyuwangi,the students’ writing score was very poor . It was quite far from the criteria of a good writing. it was caused by some problems or difficulties  in writing descriptive text, that were in terms of inadequate  in using  grammar appropriately (grammar aspect), confused in using proper words in the sentences (vocabulary aspect), hard to state proper ideas which were supported with enough supporting sentences (content aspect) and deficient of ability in organizing paragraph (organization aspect).

The present study aims at improving students’ writing ability of descriptive text by employing the syntaxes of project-based learning approach that comprises the following steps; (1) Starting with the essential questions related to the procedure in conducting the project. (2) Designing a plan of project for getting the clear information by jotting down ideas or guidelines questions of the project. (3) Creating a schedule for the outside  classroom activity. (4) Monitoring the progress of the project by starting to compose the writing draft and giving peer, teacher feedback. (5) Assessing the outcome from the result of peer and teacher feedback. (6) Evaluating the experience by presenting the result of the project and printed it out in scrapbook.

This study employed classroom action research design that consists of four stages namely planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. It was accomplished in one cycle which consisted of five meetings. This study involved 32 students of tenth grade Communication Visual Design at SMKN 1 Banyuwangi for teaching writing descriptive text. The researcher worked collaboratively  with collaborator to observe the process and took note any information during the implementation of strategy which indicated its success. Furthermore, the data was collected through three main instruments; writing test, field note and observation checklist.

The research findings pointed out that the implementation of project-based learning approach can improve the students’ ability in writing descriptive text. It has successfully met the criteria of success in this study. The data concerning the students’ score revealed that the students’ average score after employing project-based learning in writing class increased to 75,67 and  at least 80% of the student’s average score for each writing aspect must be at least 3 (out of 4). Moreover, the data showed that the individuals’ score of all the students (100%) improved more than 10 points as well. From the result of field note and observation checklist showed that all students engaged positively and actively in this teaching learning activity in writing descriptive text.

To sum up, the implementation of project-based learning approach was successfully for improving the students’ writing ability of descriptive text. Therefore, to English teachers who confront similar problems, this strategy can be taken into consideration as one of alternative strategies to overcome the students’ problems in writing descriptive text or for teaching various types of text. In addition, as for future researchers, it is also suggested to carry out further study which is in line with the current study at different grade or different text types such as recount, report, procedure text, etc. It is also possible to modify similar study for different language skills.