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Masyitha, Beby Maharani. 2018.Junior High School Students’ L1 Writing Ability and L2 Writing Ability: Testing Cummins’ Linguistic Interdependence Hypothesis. Thesis, Graduate Program in English Language Education, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. UtamiWidiati, M.A., Ph.D. (2) Dr. EkaningDewantiLaksmi, M.Pd., M.A.


Key words:positive transfer, writing, Linguistic Interdependence Hypothesis

One of the popular notionsabout the positive transfer in second language acquisitionis the Linguistic Interdependence Hypothesis proposed by Cummins (1979). This hypothesis believes that it is possible for learners to transfer the skill they have acquired in L1 in the process of acquiring L2.Using this hypothesis, this research aims to investigate the positive transfer that occurs between L1 (Indonesian) writing ability and L2 (English) writing ability in junior high school setting.

This research applied correlational research design. It involved the eighth-grade students of a junior high school in Lumajang. The data were collected through L1 writing test and L2 writing test. Spearman correlation test was performed to analyze the correlation between the students’ L1 writing ability and L2 writing ability.

From the result of the analysis it was revealed that the correlation between the students’ L1 writing ability and L2 writing ability is very low (r = .012) and not significant because ρ-value(.475) is greater than the α-value (.05). Based on this statistical result, it can be concluded that there is no significant correlation between the students’ L1 writing ability and L2 writing ability.The absence of positive transfer in this research is expected to be influenced by the lack of L2 exposure in writing that the students receive and the sampling method applied to determine the subjects of the research.

In relation to the result of this research, future researchers are suggested to measure the students’ level of English proficiency as it is one of the potential factors that influence the occurrence of positive transfer being studied, make sure that the students involved are homogenous to prevent outliers affecting the result of the analysis, employ experienced university-level teachers for the scoring process to make sure that the product of writing is not scored either too strictly or too leniently, find a perfect time for administering the writing tests, andhelp to provide conducive environment during the writing tests administration.To help the students develop better English writing ability, it is suggested for junior high school English teachers to provide more time and chances for the students to practice their writing in English.Assigningwriting as a homework is one of the ways that the English teachers can do.The English teacher can also let the students in beginner level to use Indonesianwhile generating what ideas to write in the topic given then gradually guide them to fully use English for the writing process.