DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2019

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Improving Students’ Listening Skills Using English Discoveries Online Program

Adisti Prihandani Hadidwiputri




Hadidwiputri, Adisti Prihandani. 2019. Improving Students’ Listening Skills Using English Discoveries Online Program. Thesis, Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, Program Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Malang. Pembimbing: (1) Prof. Dr. H. Gunadi Harry Sulistyo, M.A., (2) Dra. Nunung Suryati, M.Ed., Ph.D


Kata kunci: listening, English Discoveries Online Program, improving, CALL

Listening skills take an important part in the interaction among human beings. This study aims at answering the question, how to improve students’ listening skills using English Discoveries Online Program.  

The method was Classroom Action Research. Some spoken English texts were carefully chosen based on the students’ basic competence in grade XI and on the department they were in. The respondents were 32 students of XI RPL of SMKN 6 Malang. The instruments were students’ listening test, questionnaires and observation sheet. The first criteria of success was at least 90 % of the students score at least 75 or more. The second was at least 90% of the students involve actively.

The findings of the study revealed some things to notice. First, the observer noted that the strategy of applying English Discoveries Online Program, as a part of CALL, was implemented well. Second, the result of the listening test showed that all of the students passed the required passing grade, that is 75. Third, the questionnaires showed that most of the students enjoyed and involved in the learning and teaching activities very well.

In the way how CALL and multimedia influence students’ language skills, the findings support the theory which Beatty and Hoogeven (2010) had argued. Utilizing a computer application in language learning and teaching, as a part of technology development, has enhanced students’ language skills. Furthermore, the findings of the study is the evident that CALL benefits learners’ listening skills (Frommer, 2006). Related to prior knowledge exposure, the finding of this study has proved that applying the strategy at the beginning of the lesson has focused the students more on the materials which were going to be listened at the next session. It helps the students with limited vocabulary (Vandergrift and Goh, 2012). Pedagogically, the findings of this study indicate that the using of English Discoveries Online Program, as a part of CALL, can improve students’ listening skills. The other English teachers might find it as an alternative to increase the listening skills of their students.


In conclusion, there are some steps on the strategy of employing English Discoveries Online Program to improve students’ listening skills. First, the teacher explores the students’ prior knowledge through any fun activities. Second, worksheet are distributed and understood by the students. Then, the teacher performs the spoken text twice and the students pay attention to it and write any important things on it. Next, the students discuss the notes and do the worksheet in a group. Fifth, the teacher guides the students to share the result of the groups’ discussion with the whole class. After that, the teacher confirms the answers of the group work and gives reward. The final step is that the teacher strengthens the students’ understanding towards the materials.