DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2019

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The Effect of Collaborative Strategic Reading on EFL Students' Reading Comprehension across Group Arrangement Sizes

Ita Moraliawati




Moraliawati, Ita. 2019. The Effect of CSR on EFL Reading Comprehension across Group Arrangement Sizes. Thesis, Graduate Program in English Language Teaching, Universitas Negeri Malang. Advisors: (1) Dr. Johannes Ananto Prayogo, M.Pd., M.Ed., (II) Prof. Dr. Gunadi Harry Sulistyo, M.A.


Keywords: Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR), Reading Comprehension, Group Arrangement Sizes

Reading skill helps the readers to acquire proficiency in reading, effective learning and ability to conceptualize the written texts. It also affects the other skills in English. Yet, some previous studies show that students face some difficulties in reading comprehension.This study is intended to investigate the effect of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) on EFL(English as as Foreign Language) students’ reading comprehension on different group arrangement sizes.

This study employed a quasi experimental design involving 133 students from SMAN Model Terpadu Bojonegoro in Grade 11. The students were distributed in four classes treated with two different strategies (CSR and conventional strategy) and assigned in two kinds of group arrangement sizes (pairs and small groups of 4). The researcher carried out eight-weeks treatment to both experimental and control groups. The main instrument used in this study was reading comprehension test. Parametric tests of t-test and two way anova were employed to analize the data.

The findings of this research indicate that there is a significant difference between the students taught using CSR and conventional teaching method in the favor of CSR. This can be seen from the the significant value of 0.007, lower than 0.05 level of significant, obtained from the result of t-test on the students’ post test scores taught in those two different strategies. Yet, the significant difference of the students assigned in pairs and in groups of 4 was not visible since the significance value was 0.996, greater than 0.05 level of significance, an implication that there is no significant difference among both groups compared. At last, the test result of two-way anova also reveals that the p value 0.577 > 0.05 which means that the interaction of the strategy used in teaching reading and the group sizes assigned to the students cannot be proven.

It can finally be concluded that CSR affects the students’ reading comprehension positively. Yet, the study failed to confirm the effect of CSR across the group sizes assigned to the students in reading class. Teachers need to  be encouraged to consider adopting the appropriate evidence-based strategy of teaching in their EFL reading class. More future research on the effects of CSR conducted on high school students can assure that CSR can be viewed as an effective educational tool for the EFL students in high school level. It was also suggested for the future researchers to conduct studies related to group arrangement sizes in another aspects of English skill but reading.