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The Effectiveness of Dual Education System Program On SMK Student’s Industry Practice (Prakerin) In University. The Case Study Of UniversitasNegeri Malang





Machumu Paul 2017. The Effectiveness of Dual Education System Program On SMK 

      Student’s Industry Practice (Prakerin) In University. The Case Study Of 

UniversitasNegeri Malang.Thesis, Masters in Vocational Education  

Program, Postgraduate School Universitas Negeri Malang.

Supervisors:Prof. Dr. Haris Anwar Syafrudie M Pd1, AjiPrasetya

Wibawa, S.T., M.M.T., PhD2.

Keywords: Vocational Education, Prakerin, Dual Education System, Vocational schools, Vocational Students.


Industry Practices abbreviated as Prakerin" is part of the Dual System Education (PSG) that must be implemented by every learner in the world of work. Prakerin is one form of SMK Corporation with Business World and Industrial World. Good Prakerin requires a steady preparation by preparing students and all personnel and institutions associated with Prakerin students program as well as improving the quality of partnerships in accordance with the needs of professional work professionals who come from SMK graduates.

This research is focused on finding the Effectiveness of Dual Education System Program on SMK Student’s Industry Practice (Prakerin) In University. This study used a quantitative approach with descriptive statics to site studies, because researcher aimed to describe the effectiveness of Prakerin in university, UniversitasNegeri Malang as a case study where students for different SMKs do their Prakerin program. Due to the nature of this study of site studies, the research measures the students’ views on how the effective program is.

Based on the result of the research, it can be concluded that in general the all aspects form the research has revealed that there is an effectiveness of dual education system program on SMK student’s industry practice (Prakerin) In University.

One, The Implementation of Prakerin has been achieved as well as to Supervision and Monitoring in all sub aspects such as preparation from school, the preparation of students and the suitability of the subject matter with material for prakerin to the prakerin implementation were highly effective indicted as well to the side of supervision and monitoring, both the internal and external supervisors and mentors were effective in monitoring and guiding SMK students to reach their goals of doing Prakerin. Supervisors were always attending to the industrial work practices areas to help students and to see their progress in different aspects.

Two, on prakerin facilities, the results indicated that it was effective in terms of quantity and usability since the results from the SMK students showed that, they were able to use the facilities which were enough to them, although there were some of equipments that were damaged and outdated.

Three, on cooperation, discipline and attendance aspects showed that it was effective among students and those staffs who were around during prakerin program hence revealed the program was effectively conducted and has positive impacts to SMK students on prakerin.

Four, on the aspect of achievement, and student readiness in doing industrial work practices which comprisesof mental, attitude, knowledge and skills,showed that was effective from descriptive analysis where by students were able to identify the problem and solving the problem with appropriate strategies.

Those aspects showed that there was an effectiveness from implementation of prakerin which generally done from the school until to the industrial practice area, monitoring and supervising, facilities in the prakerin places, achievement of the students, cooperation among students and their supervisors, of the students, discipline and attendance, and readiness of student on prakerin program.

General there was effectiveness of dual education system program (PSG) on SMK student’s industry practice (Prakerin) in university, though suggestions were provided to help to make the prakerin to be more effective depending on research questions provided. Those suggestions are as follows;

One, The implementation of prakerin in both side vocational schools and industrial places needs more special time to practice basic skills for students when they are at vocational high schools and when they are following industrial practices so that students can have the knowledge and skills provision, and industrial supervisors and monitors in industrial practices places have to give the opportunity to students to work in accordance with their program (field of expertise) so that they can benefit on holding their program as perceived by themselves to enhance knowledge and skills in their career.

Two, On Prakerin facilities aspect, the industrial practicing places must have the facilities which are corresponding with the environment which will allow the prakerin student to learn and apply it in terms of developing their skills and knowledge in their respective career.

Three, On the aspects of cooperation, discipline and attendance the prakerin students have to maintain this kind on cooperation discipline and attendance even if they will be in their work places when employed. Student have to create a better cooperation which always give the positive results in attempting tasks assigned.

Four, On the aspect of student readiness and achievement during industrial work practices, students must continue having positive mentality and attitude which will help them in the achievement of more knowledge and skills when they are doing their prakerin and when the will be in the work place. The student should continue to be effective ready to do the industrial practices as it is supposed this will help student have ability to gain knowledge and skills which will help them in identifying the problem and solving the problem with appropriate strategies.