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Profile of Successful Students of English at SMPN 2 Kras

Roisul Khoiriyah




Khoiriyah, Roisul. 2017. Profile of Successful Students of English at SMPN 2 Kras. Thesis, Graduate Program in English Education, State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. Muhammad Adnan Latief, M.A., Ph.D. (2) Dr. UtariPrabaAstuti, M.A.


Key Words: Profile of Successful EFL Students, Learning Environment, Marginal School.


This study was intended to find out the profile of successful students in learning English at SMPN 2 Kras Kediri. The researcher was interested to explore their efforts to learn English and learning environment both at school and home owned by the students.


 A case study method was applied in the study due to the fact that the purpose of the study is to explore the profile of the successful English students in learning English and their learning environment in depth. The subjects of the study were selected by giving the test to the students of some schools and interviewing the English teacher. Accordingly, the scores of the test and the average scores recorded by the English teacher become the consideration of selecting the subjects. As the result, the three highest achievers were selected as the subjects of the study. Fortunately, they are from the same school, SMPN 2 Kras.

The researcher collected the data from the interview, observation, and documentation. The open-ended interviews were given to the subjects, peers, English teachers, course teacher, and parents. The interview aimed to investigate the subjects deeper about their characteristics, efforts in learning English, and learning environment. The observation was done four times during English teaching and learning in the classroom. The researcher additionally observed two meetings of the English learning at the course. It aimed to see the setting, subjects’ behavior and interaction, and the way the subjects learn the language. The field notes were also done during observation to complete observation checklist. Furthermore, the documentation was additionally taken in order to see the subjects’ effort to learn English. The documentation included the learning journals, the daily notebook, the textbooks, and some pictures of the learning process.

The study found that the respondents tend to be successful in reading skill since the efforts to learn English is mostly emphasizing to comprehend the text on the textbooks. In addition, they have both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in learning English. Besides having strong desire to learn English, they set the goal of learning English for their own sake, and for their bright future on education and work as well. Moreover, it is found that respondent 1 and 3 was introverted learners, while respondent 2 includes to extroverted one. They have supporting family in term of providing the facilities needed for learning the language. The respondents are from marginal school which has limited facilities and media. Due to the marginal area, it was very difficult to find out the rich-learning resources around the area. Accordingly, the rich-learning environment is possibly difficult to be provided. The efforts done by the respondents include: setting goals; preparing the English materials; reading the English books a lot and making a new words list; enriching vocabulary by reading other English books or writing the words and expressions gained from songs and movies they watched; searching other learning resources by borrowing or buying other English books; listening and practicing the language orally; trying to find out the meaning of unfamiliar words/ expressions and/or guessing them; memorizing the words/ expressions and using them on the dialogues; employing getting help strategy; employing anxiety reduction strategy; cooperating with others; having more discussion; taking more benefits of hobbies to learn English; creating speaking environment and/or involving themselves in conversation; and participating actively in all English learning activities.

Based on the result of the study, it is expected for the other students especially from marginal schools that they imitate the learning strategies used by the successful students, besides exploring their own strategies to reach the better achievement. For English teachers, it is recommended to know the strategies to attract the student in learning the language. Being active, creative and up to date to all information particularly about teenager’s world in order to create interesting learning activities is crucial. Besides reading skill, other skills should be trained as well due to the equal importance of the skills. In addition, the parents are expected to be more active involving themselves in the process of English learning by directly immersing themselves in teaching the children or providing the children needs to reach a better achievement. And finally, for further researchers who are interested in conducting a research on the same field, it is expected to dig deeper by adding more variables related to successful English students.