DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2010

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Nothing But A Cyborg’s Voice: A Lacanian Analysis of the Anime Series “Serial Experiments Lain”.

Galih Bondan Rambatan





Rambatan, Galih Bondan. 2009. Nothing But A Cyborg’s Voice: A Lacanian Analysis of the Anime Series “Serial Experiments Lain”. Sarjana thesis, English Literature Major of the Faculty of Letters, Malang State University. Advisor: Evi Eliyanah, S.S., M.A.


Keywords: psychoanalysis, film studies, Lacan, anime, cyborg, posthuman, voice


The advent of networked society confronts us with new, shifting bodies called the cyborg and the posthuman. In just a very short span of several years, mankind is presented with new ways of connecting, producing, and embodying oneself within digital spaces. Such a rapid and abrupt cultural change is bound to cause a fissure in the social dispositions we have held thus far, presenting us at once with new possibilities but also anxieties of the imminent unknowns. Society’s anxieties are always reflected by the films they produce. Thus, analyzing a surrealist film from the era would serve as a good way of providing a cognitive mapping of such shifting fantasies.

The problem this thesis will tackle is that of identifying a primary psychological disposition of man in relation to the technology of networked computers. It will do so by analyzing a film series written and produced during the early years of the Internet, 1998, the title of which is Serial Experiments Lain. The cultural artifact in question will be analyzed in a psychoanalytic manner, specifically a vocal-oriented method of Lacanian psychoanalysis, treating the film as a dream-like text to be dissected and given new meaning to.

Serial Experiments Lain is a surrealist film that presents us a story told from the point of view of a psychotic, and analyzing it will entail a suspension of the Symbolic Order to find an extreme form of Oedipal anxiety. This thesis will thus explore the distilled, digital version of the Oedipus myth, specifically about the role technology plays in shaping our perception of Mother as Thing (the shift from Mother Nature to Motherboard) and the  shifting Big Other qua Symbolic Order (from traditional narrative to digital codes).