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Profil Guru SMk Jurusan Teknik Mesin di Kota Palu Sulawesi Tengah

Soni Taslim





Soni Taslim, 2009. Profil Guru SMk Jurusan Teknik Mesin di Kota Palu Sulawesi Tengah. Tesis, Jurusan Pendidikan Kejuruan, Program Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Malang. Pembimbing: (I) Dr. Waras Kamdi, M.Pd, (II) Drs. Isnandar. MT



Key Words : vocational school (SMK) teacher’s profile


Less than forty four years the government have the change to organize the national education for the entire citizens of Indonesia, and it has not been realized yet, even when the indication of nationalism disintegration is appear.

The other issue was the educational process that held with less sense, and weak on personal developing and student’s character that result in the decreasing of morals and awareness of a real life. Along with that, the national education must confront with four main crises that are connected with the quantity, relevance, elitism, and management.

The teacher’s quality has become the main problem in every educational section, whether in Indonesia, Japan, Finland and even the United States. In this world, the education quality is determined by the teacher qualities, and not by the amount of the education fund, the good quality of its curriculum and not by the great facilities they have. If the teacher have a good quality, then also the education.

Finland has been seriously taking care of the teacher’s quality. We can say that the Finland’s teachers are the best quality teachers with the best training. The teacher’s profession in that country has been highly appreciated, although the salary is not fantastic at all. The best high school graduated usually enrolls the education collage, and just one accepted from seven applicants. Entering the education faculty is more challenging than both the faculty of law and medicines. Please take a comparison with Indonesia, which the teacher is students graduated with a lack of skills who educated from the University with less of quality. Both good qualities of university student and education makes Finland produce the good quality of teachers too.

This research counted on the descriptive explorative research type. The research result (1) Vocational school’s teacher profile based on the minimum education academic qualification, predominantly the vocational school’s teacher on technical engineering majors in Palu City is Master (S1), which is about 65,91% or 29 people counts, Diploma 3 (D3) is about 30,2% or about 13 people counts and Diploma 4 (D4) is just 2 people counts or about 4,55% but yet the S2.

(2) The conformity between the university’s program background and the subject that is teachable. For the productive teacher on technical engineering majors who teach the appropriate subject teaching with the high education is still big enough. From up to 44 respondents, there are still 27 people counts and 61,63% of teacher who teach appropriately with their high educational background. In other word, we can say that 17 people or about 38,64% of respondents teach not compatible with their competencies.

(3) The profile of vocational school’s teacher on technical engineering majors based on the right of educator certificate. According to the Government rule number 19 Year 2005 about the National Education Standard, that an educator must have the educator certificate. Vocational school’s teacher on technical engineering majors in Palu City mostly don’t have the educator certificate yet. From the evidence gathering and the data analysis which have been done on 44 respondents, at the rate of 24 respondents/ productive teachers on technical engineering majors have not been had the educator certificate yet.

(4) The profile of vocational school’s teacher based on pedagogic on the standard of academic qualification and teacher’s competence. On the research data for pedagogic competence variables which gained by use of research questionnaire/inquiry, or by the observation result, in order to provide educational process in each of class and schools on vocational school Palu City on technical engineering majors was found the minimum score is 54 and the highes is 93.

Pedagogic competence of vocational school’s teacher on technical engineering majors in Palu City is 80.2558 on score average, and the minimum opportunity is 54.00 meanwhile the maximum is 94.00 with 9,342 of standard deviation. The distribution of teacher’s pedagogic competence shows that the frequency (f) at 80-100 interval consist of 25 people that is 56.82% including in this category, it means that most of vocational school’s teacher on technical engineering majors in Palu City have a high pedagogic competence. And there is just a little or at the interval of 60-80 and 18 people or 40.91% including in medium category. Whereas the low category is just 1 people or 2.27% with interval of 40-60. This symptom show that pedagogic competence of vocational school’s teacher in Palu City is based on the Minister of National Education Regulation number 16 year 2007 about the Academic Qualification Standard and the teacher’s competence is included on a high category.

(5) The profile of vocational school’s teacher based on the professional competence of academic qualification standard and teacher’s competence. Professional competence of vocational school’s teacher on technical engineering majors in Palu City at lower category is 3 people with score 30-40 or about 6.82%, at medium category is 7 people with score 40-50 or about 15.91%, whereas the highest is 34 people with score 50-70 or about 77.27% that seen from 54.9767 average with minimum opportunity at 35.00 and maximum opportunity at 69.00, and standard of deviation at 8.609. Therefore, according with data analysis of professional competence level, vocational school’s teacher on technical engineering majors in Palu city are included on high category.

Teachers are the spear tip of education success, so it is very required to do the fix effort both on internal and external sections. Therefore the thing that always must be done by the teacher is understanding and being expert on the basic competence which is qualified. The education process is supported by teachers ability to pay attention on everything that connected to educational approach. The educational facilities that have not been yet appropriate with the standard on the law book must be noticed by the City Government and the Department of Education, if they really want to advance the education on Palu city. Because it is easier to build a luxurious mall/supermarket and bridge than to invest in education world which have to wait until 15 or 20 years later.