DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Collocation in Fresh Graduate Thesis Abstracts

Dedy Ahsan Muttaqin




Collocation in Fresh Graduate Thesis Abstracts

Muttaqin, Dedy Ahsan. 2016. Collocation in Fresh Graduate Thesis Abstracts. Thesis, Graduate Program in English Language Teaching (ELT), State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. Dr. Yazid Basthomi, M.A., (2) Dr. Mirjam Anugerahwati, M.A.

Keywords: Collocation, fresh graduate, thesis abstracts

Collocation plays an important role in English. By acquiring collocation skill learners could improve their proficiency, the acceptability and natural production of language. This study was intended to figure out the types of collocation, frequency of highest and lowest collocation pattern and frequency highest and lowest of correct and erroneous collocation in FGTA’s. The aim of this study was to observe the fresh graduates’ skill in using collocation in FGTA’s.

This study is corpus based study. The objects of study were fresh graduate thesis abstracts in English Department during year 2015 from UB, UM, and UIN. The researcher collected the thesis abstracts from database of central library that had been submitted and had been input during 2015. This study employed corpus approach in collecting the data.

The results of the study revealed there were two types of collocation in FGTA’s; lexical and grammatical collocation. The number of lexical collocation in FGTA’s was bigger than grammatical collocation. However, its number did not determine fresh graduate did not make mistake, but it remains problem for them in FGTA’s. Whilst the frequency of highest lexical collocation pattern in lexical collocation was occupied by verb (transitive)-noun and the lowest was verb (nullification)-noun. In contrast to lexical collocation pattern, the highest grammatical collocation pattern was fulfilled by noun-to infinitive and the lowest one was with adjective-that clause. It also revealed the highest frequency of correct collocation in lexical collocation was placed by adjective-noun and grammatical collocation was with two collocation patterns consisting of noun-preposition, and noun-to infinitive. In conclusion, fresh graduates had problem with collocations in FGTA’s.


Some suggestions are addressed to teachers and lecturers, and future researchers. For teachers and lecturers, collocation remains problem for fresh graduates. Then teachers and lecturers should put the collocation becomes top priority for EFL students in English language teaching, and should be creative to attach material about collocation in syllabus, lesson plan while teaching English. As for the future researchers who want to conduct study relates to this topic and other aspects which are not yet discussed in this recent study would study further to complete the finding of recent study.