DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Autonomous EFL Learners' Learning Styles and Strategies to Learn English Speaking Skill

Raisha Nur Anggrainni


The present research is intended to investigate Indonesian EFL learners' degree of autonomy in learning, learning style and strategies which are employed by autonomous learners when they learn English speaking skill. Learning autonomy, styles, and strategies became the field of interest of the researcher since these three variables affect the academic success of students and it should not be ignored.

Mixed methods research using explanatory design is considered to be an appropriate approach for this study. Instead of collecting data at the same time and merging the results, the researcher collected quantitative and qualitative data sequentially in two phases, with one form of data collection following and informing the other. In the first phase, the quantitative data were collected by means of gathering the information on EFL learners' degree of autonomy in learning which was analyzed using descriptive statistics. In the second phase, five learners who possess the characteristics of autonomous learner, based on the result of learner autonomy questionnaire, as the representative from the population, were selected. The research subjects were second semester students of English Department from both English language teaching (ELT) program and language and literature program.

From the data analysis, it is found that from one hundred and sixty one English Department EFL students, there is no student who is in the low level of autonomy and they are in moderate and high level only. For the second research question regarding students preferred learning styles based on their level of autonomy, it is found that moderate and high level of autonomy students employed group learning style the most and individual learning style the least. After the result of the students learning styles, findings on students learning strategies to learn English speaking skill show that both moderate and high level of autonomy students use metacognitive strategy the most and memory learning strategy the least.


It is necessary for the learners to know a variety of learning styles and learning strategies as well so that they have many opportunities to make use of them and to regulate their own learning for different needs. For the teachers, they should employ challenging and creative teaching method that correspond all the learners' need in class in order to encourage the flexibility toward language learning.