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Developing Descriptive Writing Courseware As A Supplementary Writing Materials for Tenth Grade Students

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Developing Descriptive Writing Courseware As A Supplementary Writing Materials for Tenth Grade Students

The ability to write descriptive texts is important as the basic competence of students that supports their higher level of education. The results of needs analysis revealed that the tenth graders of SMA Brawijaya Smart School Malang faced some problems in writing descriptive text. Yet, the time allocation for English teaching in senior high school, especially writing, was limited. This constraint may require students to be responsible towards their own learning outside the school hour. The purpose of the study was therefore to develop a descriptive writing courseware as a supplementary writing materials to assist the tenth grade students in learning writing descriptive text independently.

In developing the product, the cycle of research and development by Borg and Gall (1983) with the multimedia-based instructional design proposed by Lee and Owens (2004) was adapted in this study. There were three main stages implemented:(1) needs analysis, (2)product development, and (3) product evaluation. The research procedure was initiated by conducting needs analysis, which was aimed at uncovering information of students’ needs and interest. In this stage, interview guide and qustionnaires were employed as the research instruments. The stage of product development consisted of multimedia instructional design, multimedia development and implementation, and self revision. The lesson structure, media specification, and blue print were designed in the stage of multimedia instructional design. During the development, each elements of media were created and assembled. After that, self revision was conducted. Product evaluation were then conducted by implementing experts validation, main product revision, product try out, and final product revision.


The final product of this study was a writing courseware in the form of flash application. It consists of two units based on the Curriculum 2013, which are Describing People as the first unit and Describing Places for the second one. Process-genre approach was applied in order to give scaffold to students in learning writing. It was reflected in each unit, containing Modelling of Writing, Language Focus, Guided Writing, and Independent Writing. This product was completed with a workbook for students to write a description and a user’s manual to give information on how to use the product.