DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Employed Words by Senior High School Students in Writing Expository Essays Through Corpus Software

Dodi Erwin Prasetyo




Prasetyo, Dodi Erwin. 2016. Employed Words by Senior High School Students in Writing Expository Essays Through Corpus Software. Thesis, Graduate Program in English Language Teaching, State University of Malang.

Advisors: (1) Dr. Mirjam Anugerahwati, M.A. (2) Dr. Johannes Ananto Prayogo, M.Pd, M.Ed

Keywords: writing, expository essay, corpus, antcont, word frequency

Writing is the most important skill in English. Thus, students must learn writing skill to enhance their English proficiency. In writing, students will be taught many types of texts. One of the types of texts in writing is expository. The purpose of writing an expository essay is to provide and to expose information to the reader. Moreover, the vocabulary takes the most important role in writing. This research aims to find the words used, frequency of the words and the class of the words in students’ expository essays.

The participants of this study are 60 students of 12th grade at SMAN 1 Kutorejo. There are some steps in collecting the data. First, they are given test of writing an expository essay. Second, 20 essays are selected with the high scores as the samples. Third, the data are changed by researcher from the hard copy essay into txt file. The last step, the data are analyzed in antcont software.

The findings show that there are 1314 words from 20 essays. The findings are divided into three categories. (a) Regarding the finding of the words used, the results show that there is no word which is started with letter X and Z. For other letters, the findings show that the words used are various. For example, for letter A the words used such as abandon and aberration; for letter B the words used such as back and background; for letter C the words used such as cacao, calendar. (b) Regarding the finding of the frequency of the words, the most frequently word used is “the” with frequency of 410 then the word “of” with frequency of 155. (c) Regarding the finding of the class of the word, the most frequently used word is article “the” then preposition “of” after that conjunction “and”. It can be concluded that the students use various words in their expository essays with its frequency and class of word.


Finally, the researcher offers suggestions for the teachers and future researchers. It is suggested that teachers can teach vocabulary which relates to an expository essay based on this research data. Thus, the students have more vocabulary which affect in enhancing their proficiency level especially in writing an expository essay. For future researchers, they are recommended to explore more based on this research to employ the use of corpus and its software (anctont) in learning activities, such as integrating antcont in writing to analyze the use collocation of the students. Hence, they can correct the mistakes based on analyses. Beforehand, they can modify the learning topic to make it suitable with students’ level.