DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Persepsi Siswa Tentang Proses Pembelajaran dan Hasil Belajar Geografi di Homeschooling Sekolah Dolan Kota Malang.

Evi Fitriana




Fitriana, Evi. 2016. Students’ Perception towards Geography Learning Process and Achievement in Homeschooling “Sekolah Dolan” in Malang. Thesis. Post Graduate Program in University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. Dr. Sugeng Utaya, M. Si, (II) Prof. Dr. Budijanto, M.Sos

Key words: perception, learning process, learning achievement

Learning process will run well within great supports from many aspects. They are lesson plan, learning activity, relationship between teacher and students, and evaluation. Students’ perception towards geography learning indicates the rise or the fall of their achievement. This study was aimed at (1) knowing the learning process of geography at homeschooling including lesson plan, implementation, and evaluation; (2) knowing perception of homeschooling students on the process of Geography learning; (3) knowing achievement of geography of homeschooling students in Sekolah Dolan in Malang.

This study applied quantitative method through descriptive analysis. This was research based population which benefitted all the population. It was 21 students of homeschooling Sekolah Dolan. The data on students’ perception was collected through Likert scale questionnaire. The data on students’ achievement is taken from their reports in odd semesters. The data learning process and student achievement of geography was then analyzed descriptively.


The study resulted that: (1) the process of learning Geography in homeschooling Sekolah Dolan that employed planning, implementing, and evaluating has followed the content standard as being stated in Permendiknas Nomor 22 Tahun 2006; (2) Students’ perception towards geography in homeschooling Sekolah Dolan shows that most of them agree with the geography learning activity; and (3) The achievement in geography lesson in homeschooling Sekolah Dolan Malang included in good category in same scoring system similar to formal school that used curriculum 2006. Finally, learning process is one of external factor which has contributed meaningful effect towards learning achievement. Thus, there must be another factor that influences learning achievement. The researcher, then, suggests future researchers to conduct study in the same focus but different population and place. Moreover, a big number of respondents may bring different result.