DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Ardiani Samti Nur Azizah Samti Azizah




Azizah ,Ardiani Samti N. 2016. Developing an Atlas of the Bryophytes Varieties in Hutan Raya R Soerjo Park  as a Supplementary Material in the University. Thesis.The Master Degree Program of Pedagogical Biology, Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Prof. Dra. Herawati Susilo, M.Sc., Ph.D, (II) Dr. Murni Sapta Sari, M.Si

Key words: Atlas, Bryophytes, Tahura R Soerjo, ADDIE

Based on the analysis of necessity given to the Botany lecturers and the students who took the course of Varieties of Plants in State University of Malang, it is found that they need another resource: a supplementary material that helps students study about Bryophytes. The material that has been used so far is a translated book that has not yet completed with the genuine specimen of Bryophytes pictures. The weakness of the existing material resource is that the students have not yet been knowledgeable about the Bryophytes in their surroundings. An area in Malang with the most varieties of moss plants is Hutan Raya R Soerjo (Tahura R Soerjo).

This research is conducted by using the method of development ADDIE that has these five steps: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. In this research, the researcher has done the first three steps in which the Development step becomes the last step. In the Design step, the researcher collected the Bryophytes grown in some areas of Tahura R Soerjo which are: Watu Ondo, Watu Lumpang, Coban Teyeng, and Lemah Bang. The identification process was done in the Biology Laboratory of State University of Malang and validated by LIPI Cibodas. According to the result of the identification process, it is found that there are 30 species of the moss plant classified into these data:  6 species of Hepaticopsida, 1 species of Anthocerotopsida, and 23 species of Bryopsida.


In the Development step, the researcher created the Atlas of Bryophytes Varieties which would be utilized by the students as a supplementary book in the course of Varieties of Plants. The result of the validation of: (1) material experts is 91.57%, (2) product experts is 76.63% and (3) education experts is 88.57%. The result of small group trial consisting of 15 Biology students (the year of 2013) is 87.98%. Generally, the result of the validation of the Atlas of Bryophyte Varieties in Hutan Raya R Soerjo is 85.59%. It shows that atlas is a reliable supplementary book.