DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Wawan Walusi




Walusi, Wawan. 2016. Improving the Speaking Ability of the Ninth Graders of SMPN 7 Binamu Jeneponto South Sulawesi Using Numbered Head Together Strategy. Thesis, Graduate Program in English Language Teaching, State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. Drs. Bambang Yudi Cahyono, M.Pd, M.A., Ph.D. (2) Dr. Johannes Ananto Prayogo, M.Pd., M.Ed.


Keywords: Speaking Ability, Numbered Head Together

The research focused on improving the speaking ability of the ninth graders of SMPN 7 Binamu Jeneponto South Sulawesi. In the preliminary study, the researcher discovered that the ninth graders had problems in speaking appropriately and confidently. Therefore, the researcher intended to overcome the problems by implementing numbered head together (NHT) strategy. This research is intended to describe how numbered head together strategy can improve the speaking ability in transactional expressions of the ninth graders of SMN 7 Binamu Jeneponto South Sulawesi.

This research used the collaborative classroom action research design, in which he was supported by an English teacher as the observer in conducting of this research. The procedure of the research consisted of four main phases: planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. To gather the data, the researcher used some instruments, i.e. students' speaking test, observation checklist, field notes, and questionnaire.

The findings show that the NHT strategy can improve the students' speaking ability of ninth graders of SMPN 7 Binamu Jeneponto South Sulawesi. Based on the data, In Cycle 1, there were only 15 students (63%) who achieved the criteria. In Cycle 2, there were 21 students (88%) who achieved the criteria of success. Besides, the NHT strategy can improve the students' involvement in learning process. In Cycle 1, there were 22 students (95.8%) actively involved in learning and it increased in cycle 2, that there were 23 students (96%) actively involved in the process of learning. Related to students' responses, in Cycle 1, there were 20 students (84%) who gave positive responses and it increased after coming to the Cycle 2, that there were 21 students (87%) who gave positive responses towards the implementation of the NHT strategy.

The finding of the research discovered that the suitable model of numbered head together as strategy to teach speaking includes the following procedures. (1) Numbering or asking the student to counting off (asking the student to make a group of four, grouping students heterogeneously, and giving the students a number of each), (2) Posing a problem (giving the student materials, examples, and tasks), (3) Asking the students to put heads together (asking the students to discuss, to practice and to answer the questions based on group agreements), and (4) Calling a number (calling the students' number randomly, asking the students to answer the question, asking the students to do dialog).

Based on the results, English teachers who have similar problems in teaching and learning speaking are suggested to implement numbered head together strategy in solving the students' speaking problems and improving the students' speaking ability. The future researcher are recommended to use the strategy to teach speaking at the different level of education.