DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Developing Picture-Books Based Local Fable for Eighth Grade Students

Bila Nastiti Tasaufi




Tasaufi, Bila Nastiti. 2015. Developing Picture-Books Based Local Fablefor Eighth Grade Students. Thesis, English Language Teaching, Graduate Program, StateUniversity of Malang.Advisors: Prof. Utami Widiati, M.A, Ph.D and Dr. Suharmanto, M.Pd.


Keywords: picture-book, local fable, Junior High School

The aim of this study is to develop a set of picture-books that can be used as a medium for teaching English and local stories at the same time. The number of picture-book produced is four books because there are four fables from Malang since the subjects of this study is from Malang and rarely stories are available which comes from this city. These four stories included are: The Turtles and Goose, Garuda, Monkey Troops, and Peacock and Fisherman, which are presented for the basic competencies in the second half of the 8th grade.

This study is employed a Research and Development (R & D) design which uses ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) as modified by Borg and Gall model. In Analysis stage, the researcher observes the needs in the school, searches the availability of developed product in the book store, and interviews several experts regarding the product and the content.In Design stage, the researcher designs materials from the blueprint (based on the school syllabus) and designs drawings using Adobe Photoshop. In Development stage, the researcher do authoring and producing product (digitalizes the product in the form of digital printing). In Implementation stage, the researcher does product validation from experts and tryout in the school. In Evaluation stage, the researcher enhances the quality of the product’s to be used as the final product.

The results of the analysis show there are limited number of materials which cover local content (Malang). The first tryout was carried out in class VII B SMP Negeri 1 Tumpang on June 3rd2015. A second trial conducted in class VII A in the same school on June 10th 2015. Generally, the students and teachers gave a positive impression on this product. They stated that the picture-book has attractive pictures and are very helpful for students. It can also develop self-confidence of students in activities and teachers can easily assess their performance.

In conclusion, the findings indicate that the picture-book useful and interesting for the students in an English class. Some suggestions are added for future teachers and researchers. It is hoped the teachers can schedule several meetings to discuss the results of the performance of the students so that the students "grow" from feedback from teachers. For future researchers, it is advisable to develop a picture-book with more sophisticated topics or types of other text or value.