DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Employing Graphic Organizers through Team-Pair-Solo Strategy to Improve Reading Comprehension Ability of the Eighth Graders





The ability of eighth graders in SMPN 9 Kubung in readingcomprehension was poor. It was proved in the preliminary study test, only 25% students achieved the minimal passing score, 70. It happened because of many difficulties and problems they had. Therefore, the researcher conducted this study to improve the students reading comprehension ability by employing graphic organizers through Team-Pair-Solo strategy.

This study employed a Classroom Action Research design that covers planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. It involved 32 students of eighth graders of SMPN 9 Kubung West Sumatera in the end of second semester in academic year 2014/2015. This study was conducted in one cycle which consisted of 5 meetings including one for conducting reading comprehension test. The instruments were reading comprehension test, observation checklists, field notes and questionnaire.

The findings of this study showed that the number of the students who passed the minimal passing score increased to 26 students (81.25%) in reading comprehension test. The steps assigned in employing the strategy were: (1) working in groups of four, each student had to comprehend the text, answering onedifferent question given by the teacher, (2) discussing the answer one by one and the topic of the text, (3) after getting the topic of the text, working in pairs, (4) rereading the text while they are creating their own graphic organizers for the text they read, (5) swapping what they have made and read their friend’s graphic organizers and discuss the answers, (6) giving feedback to their friend’s work, (7) discussing what their partners write in her/his graphic or comment given to get clarification about it, (8) working individually to make their work better based on their friend’s feedback, (9) retelling the text by using their graphic organizers orally in groups. In addition, based on the result of observation checklists and field notes, it was found that most of the students (87.5%) were actively involved and enthusiastics in teaching-learning process whenever they were working in teams, pairs or solo. Besides, from the questionnaire, most of the students (90%) gave positive perceptions toward the implementation of the strategy.

Regarding the research findings, the researcher recommendsthat the English teachers employ graphic organizers through Team-Pair-Solo strategy as an alternative solution for similar problem faced by the students in comprehending the texts by considering the time, and the appropriate texts. Meanwhile, the future researchers are suggested that they use the result of this study as reference in doing similar research and they combine the use more various of graphic organizers to various types of texts especially for one who will do it in the upper level.