DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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The Quest for Extra Reading Materials with Local Culture Content and Input Enhancement for SMP N 5 Ngawen Gunungkidul





This study aims at developing extra reading materials for the students of SMP N 5 NgawenGunungkidul. The materials were developedto fulfil the needs of teacher and students in the school. Existing reading materials were lacking of local culture contents and input enhancement.

The design of the study was Research and Development (R&D). The procedure included needs analysis, materials developments, expert validation, firstrevision of the materials, try-out of the materials, second revision, and the presentation of the final product. 

At the stage of needs analysis, a set of questionnaires were used to collect the data from the students, and an interview guide were used to collect data from the English teacher. Existing reading materials were subjected to thematic content analysis to trace the existence of local culture content and input enhancement. The result of the needs analysis showed that the students and the teachers needsextra reading materials with local culture contents and input enhancement. The result of the needs analysis served as the basis for materials development.

The data attained from the expert validation indicated that the developed product had been acceptable and did not require major revision; revisions were made on minor grammatical mistakes, task additions, cover design and the provision of a teacher’s note. Inthe tryout, questionnaires were given to the students both for independent and whole-class use. The data from the tryout showed that the books wereperceived to be beneficial and appropriate for the students. Findings from the questionnaire for the teacher showed that the product needs no further revision. However, feedbacks from students and the teacher were taken into account to improve the product by providing more components for their independent learning which consist of answer keys and translated explanation.

The product of the study is in the form of threebooks:(l) Student’s Book, (2) Independent Companion and (3) Teacher’s Note. The first and the second book are to be used by the students independently and provides students with answer key, glossary, translated explanations and links to downloadable audio-texts. The last book is to be used for the teacher in extracurricular settings which includes teaching suggestions. These books are good to be used as the reading materials by students independently or in a whole-class extracurricular activities in SMPN 5 Ngawen, and for other schools with similar settings.