DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2016

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Improving the Speaking Ability of the Students of SMPN 17 Kec.Kep.Masaloka Raya through Interactive Storytelling Strategy.





Marzuki, 2016.Improving the Speaking Ability of the Students of SMPN 17 Kec.Kep.Masaloka Raya through Interactive Storytelling Strategy. Thesis, Graduate Program in English Language Teaching, State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Dr. Johannes A. Prayogo, M.Pd., M.Ed., (2) Dr. ArwijatiWahyudi, Dip. TESL.,M.Pd.


Keywords: Interactive Storytelling, classroom activities, speaking ability.

This research was aimed to solve the students’ problem regarding their unsatisfactory result in their speaking ability. The researcher then offered Interactive Storytelling strategy to overcome that problem. Accordingly, the research problem in this study was that “How can Interactive Storytelling strategy using folktales improve the speaking ability of class VIIIA students of SMPN 17 Kec. Kep.Masaloka Raya?”

The research design in this study was Classroom Action Research by using Interactive Storytelling Procedures. The data and data sources in this research were obtained through observation checklist, scoring rubric, and field note. In the implementation, there were 2 cycles in this study to gain the criteria of success,every cycle consisted of 6 meetings for the implementation of the strategy and 2 meetings for the speaking performance.

The research findings in Cycle 1 showedthat there were 17 students (72.27%) who passed and 5 students (22.73%) who failed. This means that there was improvement of students’ speaking ability. The students’ classroom participation, in addition, showed that there were 8 students (36.36%) who were very active (VA) and 14 students (63.64%) who were active (A). Since these scores had not reached the criteria of success, the researcher, therefore, revised the strategy. The findings in Cycle 2 showed that all the students (100%) passed, while their classroom participation showed that there were 18 students or 81.82% who were very active (VA) and 4 students or 18.18% who were active (A).Therefore, it can be concluded that the Interactive Storytelling Strategy can improve the students’ speaking ability and their classroom participation.

The procedure of the strategy that has proven to be able to improve the students’ speaking ability and their classroom participation are as follows:(1) showing the picture of the folktale to students and ask questions regarding the picture, (2) givingmodel of retelling the folktale, (3) asking students to form groups, give photocopies of folktale, and ask them to read and understand the folktale, (4) requiring the students to make display and referential questions related to the folktale, ask them to share to their friends, and answer their friends’ questions, (5) askingstudents to retell the folktale, ask questions, and answer questions, (6) askingstudents to questions the teacher, (7) explaining and give solution to students’ problems in understanding the folktale, retelling the folktale, answering their friends’ question, and asking question to their friends, (8) reminding the students’ difficulties in their last meeting’s activities and the solutions how they can solve their problems.

Finally, it is suggested that the teachers facing the same situation implement this strategy because it is proven to be able to solve the students’ speaking problem. Moreover, the schools principles need to help teachers by providing the appropriate books, such as folktale books to be used for material enrichment for students. It is also suggested that the future researchers who conduct similar research use this research’s finding as reference.