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The Effect of a Process-Genre Approach on Students’ Argumentative Essay in a Tertiary EFL Classroom

yayuk Widyastuti Herawati




Herawati, YayukWidyastuti. 2015. The Effect of a Process-Genre Approach on Students’ Argumentative Essay in a Tertiary EFL Classroom. Dissertation.The English Language Education, Graduate Program, State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. Dr. NurMukminatien, M.Pd., (2) Prof. BambangYudiCahyono, Ph.D., (3) Dr. EnnyIrawati, M.Pd


Key Words:writing achievement, process-genre approach


The present study aims at testing the effectiveness of process-genre approach on students’ argumentative essay in a tertiary EFL classroom. This study is focused in verifying whether this process-genre approach givessignificantlybetter result on the students’ proficiency of writing argumentative essay compared to the conventional one.

The present study is a quasi-experimental research to verify whether there is significance difference between the process-genre approach and the conventionalone.The instrument used was a test of writing an argumentative essay. The data analysis used t-test for independent large sample.

The results of the study showed that there was no significant difference between the experimental and the control group in writing an argumentative essay. The students taught by using process genre approach did not have better achievement in writing an argumentative essay than those who were taught by using the conventional one. It could not support the theories of process-genre approach proposed by Badger and White (2000) and Yan (2005, 2012), and other researchers like Foo (2007), Flowerdew (1993), Benesh (1995), Chapman (1999), Frith (2012), Mingli (2012), Isaeni (2012), Nihayah, (2009), Isnawati (2011), Nurjanah (2014), Megawati, (2011), and Muntasari (2012).

In conclusion, thereis no significant difference between those who were taught by using process-genre approach and the conventional one in this study.The result cannot be generalized to other context because how the approach was modified and how it was implemented could bring different results. Therefore, it is suggested for the lecturers that they can make some adaptation and make some other modification to suit their own context in teaching writing. For the future researchers, this study is expected to give ideas on how the effect of the approach with different modification to students argumentative essay in different context. By having a look at the result which is not significantly different, future researchers can do some other modification on the place of each stage of the approaches to see the effect in the next research, so that the process-genre approach can really give a significant result.