DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2014

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The Effect of Working in Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Pair on the Students’ Writing Ability





Fauziah, Humairah. 2014. The Effect of Working in Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Pair on the Students’ Writing Ability. Thesis, Graduate Program of English Language Teaching. State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Prof. Mohammad Adnan Lathief, M.A., PhD (2) Dr. Enny Irawati, M.Pd


Keywords: Individual writing, collaborative writing, homogeneous pair, heterogeneous pair

The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of working in homogeneous and heterogeneous pairs on the students’ writing skill. This study employed quasi experimental research design which didn’t require random sampling technique to select the sample. The subjects of the study were 40 students selected from two writing classes.

After assigning the classes randomly as the homogeneous or heterogeneous group, the participants were classified into high and low achievers based on their pretest score. The homogeneous group consisted of 20 participants paired with partners with similar pretest score, while the heterogeneous group consisted of 20 participants paired with higher or lower pretest score. Then they carried out three writing tasks on descriptive essay.

Four research questions and three hypotheses were raised, tested, and analyzed using measurement of mean, normal distribution as the descriptive statistic, and t test as the inferential statistic to compare the students’ posttest scores in both groups.

The result showed that the heterogeneous group was superior to improve the students’ writing skill. Further investigation on the high and low achievers reported that the high achievers in both groups were not significantly different, while the low achievers in heterogeneous group showed better writing skill than their counterparts in homogeneous group. It means that the homogeneous grouping didn’t affect the students’ writing skill while the heterogeneous grouping only affected the low achievers. Furthermore, the questionnaire result found that the participants in heterogeneous group had more positive attitude toward the collaborative work than those in homogeneous group. This survey probably becomes one of factor on why the homogeneous grouping method couldn’t encourage the students to gain better writing skill than the heterogeneous grouping.