DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2009

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Improving The Students’ Ability in Writing a Procedure Paragraph through Picture Series at MTsN Malang III. (Thesis)

Roudlatul Hasanah


The study was designed to improve the students' ability in writing a procedure paragraph through picture series. Based on the results of the preliminary study at Grade IX E students, it showed that the students' achievement in writing especially in procedure texts was still unsatisfactory, their average score is only 50.3, and the students had low motivation to participate in the writing tasks.

Employing an action research design, the researcher was assisted by the English teacher in observing the teaching and learning process. This study was conducted in two cycles. The subjects of this study were students of Class IX E of MTsN Malang III. The instruments were students' writing test, observation checklists, field notes and questionnaires. The criteria of success were determined based on the students' improvement on their writing ability and their involvement in the activities during the implementation of the picture series strategy. It was achieved when 60% of the students could get the score more than 70, and when 60% of the students were involved actively in the implementation of picture series strategy.

   The findings showed that the criteria of success were successfully achieved in Cycle 2. Seventy one point seventy nine percent (71.79%) of the students could get the score more than 70, and eighty two point three percent (82.3%) of the students were actively involved in the teaching and learning process and eighty four point seven percent (84.7%) of the students had positive responses on the implementation of picture series. The procedures of the picture series strategy were as follows: (1) showing pictures to the students, (2) asking about the pictures, (3) giving the students guided vocabulary related to the pictures, (4) providing and discussing a model of a procedure text, (5) displaying jumbled pictures, (6) asking students to arrange them into a good order, (7) asking the students to write a rough draft based on the picture series, (8) asking the students to revise the drafts focusing on the content, organization and grammar, (9) assigning the students to conduct peer editing in order to edit the content, organization and grammar. From the findings, it can be concluded that the picture series strategy has been verified that it can improve the students' ability in writing a procedure paragraph.

Based on the research findings, two suggestions are provided. It is suggested that English teachers applied the picture series strategy in their teaching to improve students' writing ability. It is also suggested that other researchers conduct a study by implementing the picture series strategy in other language skills.