DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2009

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Improving Reading Comprehension Ability of the Second Year Students of MAN Temanggung through “GRASP” Strategy. (Thesis)

Muslih Muslih


            Reading is one of the language skills which must be taught in English classes of Senior High School students. Through the teaching and learning of reading, the students are expected to be able to comprehend the reading passages they read. However, based on the Preliminary study, it was found that the students of MAN Temanggung still get some difficulties in finding general information in the passage, finding specific information, identifying main ideas, identifying explicit and implicit information. This condition is caused by several factors such as; students' low motivation in learning English, students' lack of vocabulary, students' low ability in mastering the reading skills, the materials of the reading text, and the monotonous teaching technique. Accordingly, for the improvement of the students' reading comprehension ability, the implementation of an appropriate method or strategy in teaching reading is urgently needed. Guided Reading and Summarizing Procedure or GRASP is, therefore, applied to cope with their problem in reading comprehension.

            This study was conducted to improve the reading comprehension ability of the second year students of MAN Temanggung. The crucial problem to solve is "How can GRASP strategy improve the reading comprehension ability of the second year students of MAN Temanggung?" The answer to the problem above is that by implementing and adapting GRASP Strategy consisting of 4 steps, the students' reading comprehension ability can be improved. Meanwhile, this study focused on analytical and hortatory exposition as the text types which must be taught to the second year students of Senior High Schools.

            The design of the study was collaborative Classroom Action Research. The subjects of the study were the students of XI Bahasa 2 of MAN Temanggung Central Java in the 2008/2009 academic year which consisted of 29 students. The study was conducted through cyclic activities to collect the data consisting of preliminary study, planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. There were two criteria to determine that the study was considered successful, namely: the students' mean score increases from 56.00 into 73.31, and the students were actively involved in the teaching learning activities.

Based on the findings of the study, it is advisable that the English teachers apply or implement Guided Reading and Summarizing Procedure in their reading classes since the strategy can improve the students' reading comprehension ability. It is also advisable that the future researchers conduct a similar study to different level of students, e.g. the first and third year students of Senior High School and implement the strategy for the other kinds of reading text types such as review, report, descriptive text and so forth.