DISERTASI dan TESIS Program Pascasarjana UM, 2009

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Improving the Ability of the Second Year Students of MTsN Biringkanaya Makassar in Writing Descriptive Paragraphs through Questioning Technique. (Thesis)

Muhammad Saleh


A preliminary study conducted at MTsN Biringkanaya Makassar showed that the ability of the second year students still far from what was expected by the curriculum. The students encountered difficulties in expressing their ideas, thought, and feeling in writing descriptive paragraphs. In arranging sentences into a paragraph, the students still made some errors in terms of content, organization, vocabulary items, and the other components of English language.

To solve the problems encountered by the students, the researcher proposed one of the suitable techniques in teaching writing skill, that is, questioning technique. Questioning technique is one of the components of contextual teaching and learning (CTL) that can improve the ability of the students in writing descriptive paragraphs.  It is one of the teachers` activities that can encourage and guide the students to be able to express their ideas, thoughts and feeling on a piece of paper. To arrange sentences into a paragraph, the students were given some questions to be answered.  The answers of the questions became a guideline for them to arrange sentences into a paragraph. The research problem in this study was formulated as follows: How can the questioning technique improve the ability of the second year students of MTsN Biringkanaya Makassar in writing descriptive paragraphs?     

This study utilized a collaborative classroom action research design in which the researcher and the collaborative teacher worked together in designing the lesson plan, implementing the action, observing the action, and making reflection. The subjects of this study were the second year students of MTsN Biringkanaya Makassar of the 2008-2009 academic year. This study was conducted in two cycles by following the procedure of the action research i.e. planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting.

The procedures of implementing questioning technique in the teaching and learning of writing of this study were: (1) introducing a topic discussed to the students by showing a picture, (2) assisting the students to understand the topic by giving some questions based on the picture shown, (3) distributing a model of descriptive text, (4) asking the students to mention some words, phrases, related to the topic in the text given, (5) asking them to find the meaning of the words, phrases by matching the words, phrases with the appropriate picture, (6) asking the students  to find the meaning of the words and phrases by matching the words and phrases in column A and column B, (7) asking the students to answer the questions given orally using the words provided in the box, (8) asking the students to complete the dialogue with their own words, (9) distributing some questions to each student, (10) asking the students to answer the questions given, (11) asking the students to arrange the answers of the questions into a paragraph, (12) asking the students to write a rough draft based on the answers of the questions, (13) assigning the students to revise the drafts focusing on the content and organization in groups and in pairs, (14) asking the students to share the writing by reading it aloud in front of the class, and (15) reflecting the teaching and learning process of writing.

The findings of the study indicated that the model of questioning technique can improve the students' ability in writing descriptive paragraphs. The improvement can be seen in the increased score of the students` writing from the pre-test conducted in preliminary study and the post-test after implementing the questioning technique in Cycle 1 and the post-test after implementing the questioning technique in Cycle 2. In pre-test, the students' mean score on writing test was 52.4. In post-test 1, it was 63.1.  Meanwhile, in post-test 2, the mean score became 71.2. Besides, the questioning technique also can develop the students` motivation in joining the process of writing activities in the classroom. The fact can be seen in the students` responses towards the distributed questionnaire and observation checklist. More than 75% of the students agreed that questioning technique was an interesting technique.

From the findings, the following suggestions are proposed: (1) the English teachers are recommended to consider the model of questioning technique or strategy developed in this study as one of the many alternative techniques that can be used in teaching writing descriptive paragraphs for the Islamic and or junior high schools;

(2) teachers should give a series of questions for the students to produce sentences by providing a suitable picture related to the topic discussed; (3) students are recommended to practice writing descriptive paragraphs with various topics outside the class hours, using questioning technique implemented in the study; (4) future researchers are recommended to conduct action research with same topics in other MTs or SMP levels