SKRIPSI Jurusan Biologi - Fakultas MIPA UM, 2019

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Lusmana . Indra



Lusmana, Indra. 2019. The Development of Biology Learning Tools on Discovery Learning on Fungi Materials to Improve Critical Thinking Ability and Cognitive Learning Outcomes of Grade X Students in SMAN 6 Malang. Skripsi, Departement of Biology, Faculty Mathematic and Natural Science, State University of Malang. Mentor (I) Dra. Sunarmi M.Pd, (II) Sitoresmi Prabaningtyas, S.Si., M.Si

Keywords: the development of biology learning tools, discovery learning, critical thinking and learning outcomes

The 2013 curriculum uses a scientific approach in the learning process. One form of scientific approach to implement is discovery learning learning models. Based on the results of learning devices used in SMAN 6 Malang, learning devices in the form of RPP have not implemented 2013 Curriculum. Based on the interview results, students 'critical thinking skills are classified as low and students' cognitive learning outcomes have not yet achieved KKM. Based on the results of the tests, 18 of the 38 students scored above 70, meaning that only 43.8% met the specified KKM. This is supported by the condition of students in class such as some students do not pay attention when the teacher teaches, students are lazy to open the book, and students open the cellphone too often when learning takes place. One solution to this problem is to create learning that actively engages students. This learning process can be prepared in learning tools consisting of lesson plans, hand outs, UKBM, and assessment instruments based on discovery learning.

The development model used is the 4D model by Thiagarajan with the stages of defining, designing, developing and disseminating. The choice of this model is based on clear development directions so that a clear development product is produced.

Based on the results of data analysis, it was found that the results of lesson plan validation by learning experts amounted to 97.73%, by field practitioners amounting to 98.86%, and by material experts as much as 100% included in the criteria are very valid. The results of the hand out validation by learning experts is 100%, by field practitioners as large as 98.61%, and by material experts as much as 100% which is included in the criteria are very valid. The results of UKBM validation by learning experts amounted to 99.07%, by field practitioners at 99.07%, and by material experts as much as 100% included in the criteria are very valid. The results of the pretest and posttest validation by learning experts were 96%, by field practitioners 99%, and by material experts 100% included in the criteria were very valid. The test results of practical learning device users in the learning process obtained a percentage of 89.07% with very practical criteria. The results of the effectiveness test show N-gain of 0.72 with high criteria. Based on these results, it can be concluded that discovery learning based learning tools on Mushroom material can improve critical thinking skills and cognitive learning outcomes of class X students of SMAN 6 Malang.