SKRIPSI Jurusan Akutansi - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2017

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Meningkatkan Keterampilan Menulis Pengumuman Melalui Strategi Guided Writing Siswa Kelas IV Di SDN Tawangrejo Kabupaten Blitar

Dyah Farida




Farida, Dyah. 2017. Improving Announcement Writing Skill through Guided Writing Strategy in Grade IV of SDN Tawangrejo Blitar. Thesis, Elementary School Teacher Education Program, Department of Primary School and Preschool, Faculty of Education, State University of Malang. Counselor: (I) Dra. Sutansi, S.Pd., (II) Drs. Suhel Madyono, S.Pd., M.Pd


Keywords: Improving, Ability to Writing Skill, Guided Writing Strategy.

Based on the results of observations in SDN Tawangrejo Blitar District found problems in writing learning announcement. Teacher used conventional teaching methods and students were only given an explanation and tasks without getting direction and correct writing guidance. As the result, students use spell the words, ideas, compose, and string difficulty, so the result of announcement becomes irregular. It can be seen from the value of mastery indicating that student writing skill is still low. There were only 8 students who fulfilled KKM score with percentage of achievement about 38.09%, while 13 students had not fulfilled KKM with percentage of achievement about 61,9%. This study aims to describe the application and improvement of writing writing skills through a guided writing strategy.

This study used qualitative approach type Class Action Research (PTK). The research is carried out in 2 cycles with 4 stages. The stages are, (a) planning, (b) implementation, (c) observation, and (d) reflection. The data were collected using interview technique, observation, test, field note, and documentation. Data analysis techniques used data reduction, data presentation and conclusion.

The result of this research showed that announcement writing skills by using guided writing strategy has increased. Teachers and student activities in writing announcement through guided writing strategy have increased regularly. At first cycle, percentage of teachers activity is 75,18% and in cycle II increased to 91,66%. While student activity in cycle I is 75,18% and cycle II become 91,66%. The writing skills also showed an improvement. At first cycle students average score is 67,13 and cycle II increased 79,52. Classical completly on cycle I is 61,9% and cycle increased to 90,47%.

Based on result of the research showed implementation of guided writing strategy can improve writing announcement skill, student activities, and teacher activities. Therefore, teachers should be use guided writing strategies as an alternative to improving students writing skills.