SKRIPSI Jurusan Akutansi - Fakultas Ekonomi UM, 2017

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Peningkatan Hasil Belajar IPS tentang Kegiatan Jual Beli melalui Metode Course Review Horay di Kelas III SDK Petra Kabupaten Tulungagung

Raden Ajeng Martadina Lioni Putri




Putri, Raden Ajeng Martadina Lioni. 2017. The Improvement of Learning Achievement in Social Subject about Sell and Buy Activities by Course Review Horay Method in Grade III SDK Petra Tulungagung. Essay, Study Program of Elementary School Teacher Education, Department of School and Preschool Education, Faculty of Education, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Dra. Sri Murdiyah, M.Pd., (II) Suminah, S.Pd, M.Pd.


Keyword: improvement, study result of ips, course review horay method

Based on the observation conducted by researcher in grade III of SDK Petra Tulungagung Regency, indicated some problems those are, (1) the learning conditions were still monotonous because the teacher only used verbal and recitation methods, (2) the teacher didn’t use the media, (3) the students were difficult to focus at the learning and less involved in the learning process, and (4) the study result of IPS were still low with the average value below the KKM 67,6, and only 40,9% of the students who pass. This research aims to describe the application of Course Review Horay method and improve the study result of IPS about sell and buy activities in grade III of SDK Petra Tulungagung.

The approachment of this research is qualitative approach and the type of this research is classroom action research. This research held in two cycles, that are cycle I and cycle II and each cycle has 4 stages, those are planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. Datas collected by interview, observation, test, documentation, and field notes. Then, the datas were analyzed by data reduction, data presentation, and evaluation.

The result of this research by applying Course Review Horay method at the learning of IPS worked well and increased. In cycle I, the percentage of the average value of teacher activity was 91,7% with very good criteria and increased to 95,9% in cycle II.  Futhermore, the percentage of the average value of student activity also increased, which in cycle I was 93,3% increased to 97,2% in the cycle II. Meanwhile, the average value of the IPS study result also increased, which in pre-action stage was only reach 67,6 with classical learning completeness is 40,9% become to 79,5 with classical learning completeness was 72,7%. The average value of the IPS study result was increase again at the cycle II with an average value was 92,0 and classical learning completeness was 100%.Top of FormBottom of Form

Based on the result of this research, it can be concluded that the application of Course Review Horay method in the learning of IPS about sell and buy activity have been implemented well by the teacher and the students and can improve the IPS study result of grade III students of SDK Petra Tulungagung Regency. Therefore, it is advisable for the teachers who teach IPS to apply Course Review Horay method,so that the students study result can be improved.