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Sari, Dian Pramita. 2009. The Influence of Firm Bankruptcy to Trading Volume
Activity. Thesis, Accounting Department, Economic Faculty State
University of Malang. Advisor Lecturer (1) Makaryanawati, S.E, M.Si,
Ak. (2) Sri Pujiningsih, S.E, M.Si, Ak.
Keywords:   Financial Distress, Bankruptcy, Z-Score, Trading Volume Activity
Information is a basical for the investors to make a decision. The using of
financial information through financial statement by the other side is to make an
investment decision in order to establish the resources that would be invested, the
existence of information about financial  distress that can be course to firm
bankruptcy will cause a negative sentiment, and the other way, information about
performance improvement will cause a positive sentiment. Prediction model of
bankruptcy is one of the model that had been developing to detect the signal of
firm financial distress.
The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of firm health level
by using Z-Score analysis to trading volume activity (TVA). This research had
been done by using entire population to 11 firms that including in the industry
plastics and glass products in Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) from 2005 until 2007.
Based on the result of hypothesis examination, this research have ability to
prove the influence of firm health level that had been measured by using Z-Score
value to trading volume activity (TVA). The result shows that information about
the potential of firm bankruptcy has an information content to be able respon by
The suggestion for the investor, this  research hopefully  can be used as
preferention in determining alternative against stocks. Whereas for the firm, this
research is expected to provide information to management for decision making
processes, especially in investment, firm  is also expected to increase corporate
value as reflected in stock prices.