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Risk Analysis In the Project Landscape Maintenance Period in Malang

nikolaus adi kurnia putra




Putra, Nikolaus Adi Kurnia. 2016. Risk Analysis In the Project Landscape Maintenance Period in Malang. Mini Thesis, Study Program of Building Engineering Education, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malang. Supervisors: (1) Drs. N. Bambang Revantoro, S.T., M.T. (2) Drs. H. Suparno, S.T., M.T.


Keywords: Risk, Maintenance period, Landscape project


Landscape projects are part of the construction work. Scope of work includes the manufacture of garden landscapes, plants and shade trees road. The problems that arise in the future work of landscape maintenance is growing uncertainty and death of the plant as a guarantee against the risk of maintenance work. Genesis uncertainties that might arise in a project that will be able to influence the outcome of a project can be identified as a risk. The purpose of this study was to determine the risk as well as ways of handling risks in future maintenance of the landscape project in Malang and conduct an analysis of how to handle the risks.

The implementation process of the study include identification of risk, determine the level of risk, determine ways of handling risks, and evaluate ways of handling risk. Data analysis techniques to measure the level of risk using the approach from the value of the probability and impact of risk, whereas for data analysis to quantify the evaluation of contractors handling is done using quantitative descriptive analysis method.

The conclusion of the study are: (1) There are two main risks identified in the landscape project maintenance period, that risk is the risk to the company's credibility with risk indicators of human resources skill would most influence and risk of the project costs with the risk indicators of dead plants that most affect , (2) how to handle risk chosen by the contractor in Malang to respond to risk is to reduce risk, risk reduction is done by committing to any obligations imposed and make preventive measures against possible losses on the project, (3) analysis of contractor handling risk in the future maintenance of the landscape project in

Malang included in the category of good risk management.