Tugas Akhir Jurusan Teknik Mesin - Fakultas Teknik UM, 2010

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Penerapan Pembelajaran Berbasis Lesson Study untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan dan Efektivitas Praktik Pengalaman Lapangan (PPL) Mahasiswa Calon Guru Teknik Mesin

Nuraini Lusi


Keywords: lesson study, competency, effectivity, teacher purpose


Field work experience, known as internship, for teaching purpose is a teaching practice done by education student in a school vocational high school or conventional high school to improve the effetiveness of it, there has to be a kind of innovation upon its process in this case, lesson study would be one of the potential alternative to accelerate a progression on the learning process in a school toward a much more effectiveness.

This research method is qualitative descriptive. The instrument used includes: scoring sheet of planning the learning process plan, scoring sheet for teaching competence, observation sheet of lesson study, response-feed back of teacher.

The result of research provides that the teaching implementation using the lesson study base could improve the effectiveness of internship of student for teacher purpose in SMK PGRI 3 MALANG. The average competence of internship does on planning the learning process plan reached 73,094 % for the 1st term, and 80,85 % for the second term, means improved 7,78 % for the 2nd term, means improved 4,45 %. And the average of student in favor of feels interested more in participating in class, proven by the 67 % score. 3 % of the reverse answer, quite interested for 14 %, meanwhile 16 % says very interested in. In its application, lesson study has proven to be an accelerator on teaching competence and an aptitude in making learning instrument of intership does. Every step of lesson study level provide a new knowledge and new experience as well for them. in the end, in the learning process, through lesson study, can create a different learning environtment, more attractive, and enhancing student activities in significant ways.