Tugas Akhir Jurusan Kependidikan Sekolah Dasar & Prasekolah - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2010

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar


Zurinal Qurana Firdaus




Firdaus, Zurinal Qurana. 2010. The Application of Role-Playing Method to              Increase Students Learning Achievement to PKn Lesson in Third Class  SDN Kersikan I Bangil in Pasuruan Regence. Scription, Study Program of Teacher Education of Elementary School, KSDP, S1 PGSD Department  at Malang University. Guidance: (1) Muchtar, S.Pd, M.Si, (2)Drs. H. Ahmad Samawi, M.Hum.


Keyword: Application, Role- Playing method, Learning achievement, PKn, SD.


PKn is a very important lesson because it is related with students mental outlook in the future time learning method  used in learning of PKn must be able to include cognitive, affective, and pshycomotor aspects.   The firt observation result is found that the students of  SDN Kersikan I at Bangil Pasuruan regence found the problem faced to PKn learning in the third year, such as : 1) There is not communication double ways between teachers and students, students and students, 2) Learning activity is generally done by traditional learning group, 3) The students  leanrning is very low. Learning activity must be improved immediatelly by the teachers  by choosing learning method that can make the students more actively, creatively and  happily in learning process.

The aim, we want to get in this research is : 1) To describe application of Role-Playing learning method in PKn learning for the students in the third class III SDN Kersikan I, 2) Describing the students learning activity in PKn learning in application Role-Playing method for PKn to the student class III SDN Kersikan I, 3) describe the increasing of students learning achievement via Role-Playing learning method in class III    SDN Kersikan I. This research used Class Action Research (CAR) with 2 (two) siclus. Every siclus  consist of phases : Planning, observation and reflection action implementation. The minimal completeness value standart is 75 %  by learning achievement class 80 % from the number of research subject. This research subject is teacher and 26 students class III SDN Kersikan I.  The data collection technique in yhis research is observation, interview, and test. Instrument of data collection used such as interview pattern, APKG II, the students learning activity assesment equipment and post test.

This research resuslt shows the implementation of Role-Playing learning method to the students in the class III SDN Kersikan I can increase the students result. This is Proved from the result that is obtained by the students before applicating of  Role- Playing  learning method from rate score 69,23 become 71,53 at the post test siclus I and post test siclus II becomes 89,92. The advice presented to the teachers that is  so that can implement and use Role-Playing leaning method for PKn lesson by other competence or other lesson.

            Based on the conclusion above can give to: the teacher that conclude in the competence or other themes that appropiate with condition  and situation of school environment each. The learning must be done by giving chance for the students involved directly in learning process.