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Pengembangan Media Peta Digital Tematik Pembelajaran Sejarah Berbasis Android Materi Persebaran Situs Hindu-Budha di Malang Raya Kelas XII IIS SMA Negeri 1 Tumpang

Mochamad Hanafi




Hanafi, Mochamad. 2017. The Development of Thematic Digital Media Map Learning History Based on Android on The Material of Distribution of Hindu-Buddhist Sites in Malang Raya class XI IIS SMAN 1 Tumpang. On the Subject of Indonesian History. Thesis, Department of History, Faculty of Social Sciences, State University of Malang. Advisor: Deny Yudo Wahyudi, S.Pd., M.Hum.


Keywords: Learning Media, Map Tematik , Digital, Site, Hindu-Buddhist, Android


Learning media are often overlooked in the process of teaching history. That is because educators do not have interactive learning media and engaging for learners, thus learning in class seem boring. Besides learning media can facilitate learners in visualizing events, particularly with regard to the place ( space ). The use of map digital thematic-based android can facilitate learners to visualize the location of the distribution of heritage sites. During this time of educators using the map shown in powerpointin presenting the material distribution pninggalan Hindu-Buddhist sites. According to the students of class XI SMAN 1 Tumpang IIS ask questions in powerpoint is less informative and effective.

There are two objectives in this study, first, the products with map applications of digital thematic android based. Second, determine the effectiveness of media questions after using the digital thematic in prosem teaching history.

The method of this study using the method of research and development. The steps are the research and development of potential problems, data collection, product design, design validation, the revised design, product testing, product revision, utility testing, product revision. Data collection instruments used in the form of expert validation sheet material, media experts, repon learners a questionnaire regarding the effectiveness of the media.

Research and development map media digital thematic androidini-based teaching history has gone through several trials. The results of the validation subject matter experts and media expert validation gets a percentage value 92.5% and 92.5% based on the results show that the media map tersbut digital android based is stated very valid and feasible for use in learning. From the small group trial and a large group trial conducted at SMAN 1 Tumpang, the results obtained for the small group trial menadapatkan result percentage value 84.5% and for testing large groups get value percentage of 87.21%   indicates that the media is very valid. It can be concluded media map Didital android-based history teaching thematic of hindu-buddhist sites in Malang fit for use as a medium of learning history.