SKRIPSI Jurusan Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesehatan - Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan UM, 2015

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Survei Kegiatan Ektrakurikuker Bolabasket Putra di SMA Negeri Se-Kecamatan Lamongan Kabupaten Lamongan

Dio Alief Eka Utama Putra




Putra, Dio Alief Eka Utama. 2015. Survey Of Men’s Basketball Extracurricular Activities In High School At Lamongan Sub District In The Lamongan District. Physical Education and Healthy Major, Sport Science Faculty, State University Of Malang. Advisors: (1) Drs. Oni Bagus Januarto M.Kes, (II) Dr. Roesdiyanto M.Kes.


Key Word : Survey, Training Activities, Basketball, Extracurricular.

High schools in Lamongan District not only prioritize the academic activities, but non-academic activities as well like extracurricular. Basketball became one of extracurricular favored by students, because the sport is becoming increasingly popular in many circles and boys or girls can do this. From the results of the initial observation that has been conducted by researchers, Data obtained men's basketball team performance different from each of the schools during the last three years. This was caused by the use of the different training methods also.

The purpose of this study was to determine and describe how the implementation of mens basketball extracurricular activities in Lamongan District. With the holding of this study are expected to be useful for the parties concerned, among other things, researchers, trainers, extracurricular participants and school. This data collection there are several steps, among others: (1) preparation, (2) the stage of implementation, (3) the stage of research reporting. The formula used to analyze the data that is P = F / N x 100%.

Based on this research, the average percentage of sub-indicators of the characteristics of the coach outside the exercise of 100% and the characteristics of the coach in the exercise of 16.67%. Sub-indicators of the motivation of 22.22% and a sense of security sub-indicators of 50%. Sub indicators dicipline of 16.67% and sub-indicators of confidence of 100%. Sub indicator of the type of exercise 66.67% and sub indicators workout schedule by 33.33%. Sub indicator mastery of technique by 100% and tactical mastery sub indicator by 100%. Sub physical indicators beyond athletes at 0% and sub-indicators of the health of athletes 33.33%. Sub-indicators of the condition of the ball by 50% and sub indicator field conditions by 50%. Sub-indicators of support from the management is 0% and the sub-indicators of support from the school is 0%.

Based on the results of this study concluded, mens basketball extracurricular activities in Lamongan District from Coach aspects of 58.33% included in the category good enough. Psychological aspects of athletes of 57,14% included in the category quite well. Aspects of exercise routines for 53.33% including the unfavorable category. Aspects of skill athletes 100% included in both categories. Physical aspects of the athletes of 20% included in the category of no good. Aspects of infrastructure by 50% including the unfavorable category. 0% coaching aspect included in the category of no good. With these conclusions it is suggested to the coach, all participants extracurricular basketball, the school and its management to always cooperate and support each other for the sake of better achievement.