SKRIPSI Jurusan Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesehatan - Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan UM, 2014

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Muhammad Bangkit Pahalawan



Pahalawan, Muhammad. Bangkit. 2014. The Game Play Model Development Of   Relay Learning for eight grade stdents of Junior High School 4. Batu City.Skripsi.Department of Physical Education and Health. Sport Science Faculty. State University of Malang.Advisor : (I) Drs. AgusTomi, M.Pd, (II) Drs. H. AgusGatotSubiyantoro, M.Kes.


Keywords: Development, Play, Learning, Relay

Athletics is a human activity which is done everyday and including walk, run, throw and jump on its development athletics decomes one of kind of sports which always been contest since from old greek era. Run is an accelerating steps with high frequency, relay is an activity by giving a stick to the next runner, then all four runners in a team should hae balance speed, and pass the stick well and also obey the ruleson relay.

The learning of health anphysicaleducation at junior high school 4 batu on athletics specially in relay is still new to the stuents. It is known by observation result on January 20th 2014 it was founded on the learning process of health and physical education that was the teachers never teach athletics before, another obstacle the teachers are lack of knowledge about health and physical education learning process it was proven by the fact that two teachers of health and physical education are not from faculty of sportsmanship science faculty but from information and technology majoring and social majoring so that the teachers do not know about the real health and physical education learning process

The results of requirement analysis to the 26 student of junior high school 4 batu on January 20th 2014 shows that 18 students (69%) have got athletics materials before, 23 students (88%) never or never known about relay, if relay is applying in the school do you have any difficulties in its learning process 24 students (89%) stated that they never got relay materials by the teachers, 24 students (89%) aggred if there is a new model of gameplay or if the game play is being development on relay.

The research objective is using relay gameplay, to introduce and to teach the students how to give and received the relay stick and the hand swingon that phase, the students feel happy become more active on learning process feel challenging, and do not feel bored in relay. This research is made reference to Borg and Gall research and development metode. The analysis is quantitative and qualitative descriptive to explan the data collect on early research that was the requirement analysis. The expert evaluation, small and big group test.

Based on evaluation result an athletics expert there is a 87% very valid percentage, an game expert there is a 75% quite valid percentage and an expert of health and physical education there is a 97% percentage which can conclude as very valid data. Based on small group test with 8 student from eight grade offering B and F there is an average percentage 87%. It can be conclude that. The gamepayodel development is fuly deserver as the requirement on student in eight grade offering B and F in Junior High School 4 Batu.

The development of this product is concrete as relay gameplay for student of Junior High School 4 Batu that can be applied in the learning process of health and physical specially is relay. The product that have been developed by the researcher is completed with guide book of relay game, so that the students can learn independently and the teacher can use that book for learning process.