SKRIPSI Jurusan Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesehatan - Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan UM, 2013

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Increasing Motivation in Learning Motion Basic Throw Playing Catch by Using Method In Class IV students Bunulrejo II Elementary School City Malang





Wardhani , Fina Rahma .  2013. Increasing Motivation in Learning Motion Basic Throw Playing Catch by Using Method In Class IV students Bunulrejo II Elementary School City Malang , Thesis . Department of Physical Education and Health Science Faculty, State University of Malang pursuits . ( 1 ) Dra. Sulistyorini, M.Pd, ( 2 ) dr. Moch Yunus, M.Kes .


Keywords : Research class action , activeness , throwing catch , play


Physical education is a process of interaction between learners and the environment are managed through physical activity in an effort towards the creation of human beings. Physical Education is expected to help maximize the growth and development of children . Therefore , teaching physical education in elementary schools require teachers to be creative , innovative , effective and fun in learning physical education , for it is necessary to approach , variations and modifications in teaching physical education , because the characteristics of elementary school age children still liked to play .

The purpose of this research is expected to improve basic motor skills throwing and catching and activeness in learning basic throwing motion and capture the fourth grade students of SDN Bunulrejo II Malang .

The results of preliminary observations held on January 22, 2013 against 31 students Bunulrejo Elementary School Fourth Grade II Malang , found high levels of student difficulties . That is , 13 students did not move much when implementing learning (42 %) , 17 students were less enthusiastic and spirit while implementing learning (55 %) , 21 students who are not serious , joking and a waste of time when implementing learning (68 %) , 15 students who are not diligent , easily discouraged , and do not perform up to the implementing learning (58 %).

The method used in this research is Classroom Action Research. The steps used to obtain the data in this study include the planning , action , observation , and reflection . Classroom Action Research  is a form of assessment that is reflective by perpetrators of actions taken to improve the stability of rational actions in carrying out their duties , deepen understanding of the actions carried out , and improve the conditions in which learning practices are carried out . Data obtained from studies conducted during the learning process takes place . The data obtained are quantitative data and qualitative data . Sources of data obtained from the student's research and teaching physical education teacher at the school .

The results of the study on the action cycle 1 and cycle 2 play method is applied in the process of learning to use the media caught throwing old tires and ball that has been modified to enhance learning captured throw in the fourth grade students of SD Negeri Malang Bunulrejo II . It can be seen from the activities of students and teachers of learning outcomes in cycle I and II , through the increase of student activity before and after doing action research .