SKRIPSI Jurusan Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesehatan - Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan UM, 2012

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mwningkatkan kemenarikan pembelajaran gerak dasar melempar, menangkap dan menendang menggunakan metode play and games pada siswa kelas III SDN Gondangrejo Kecamatan Gondangwetan Kabupaten Pasuruan





Wukirsari, Dian Resmi. 2012. Increase The Attractiveness Learning Basic Motion Throwing, Catching and Kicking Using the Methods of Play and Games at third Grade Students of SDN. Gondangrejo Gondangwetan Sub-district Pasuruan Regency. Thesis, Department of Physical Education and Health Faculty of Sport Sciences, State University of Malang. Supervisor: (I) Drs. Mu’arifin, M.Pd, (II) Drs. Tatok Sugiarto, S.Pd, M.Pd.


Key words: Increase, Attractiveness Learning, Basic Motion Throwing, Catching and Kicking, Methods of Play and Games.

Basic motion of throwing, catching and kicking is one of the learning material contained in the standard of competence Elementary School third grade. One of the basic competencies of the basic motion combination Practice throwing, catching and kicking with good coordination in a simple game, as well as rules and cooperation. From the observation data through the data results of initial observations the attractiveness learning basic motion throwing, catching and kicking occured several issues including: (1) 42,2% or 16 students less serious/earnest during the learning process engineering throwing, catching and kicking there are even students who sat on the sidelines at the time of learning; (2) 42,8% or 16 students look lacking spirit in following the techniques of learning throwing, catching and kicking; (3) there is 44,5% or 17 students who are less enthusiastic in doing engineering throwing, catching and kicking, among other states bored and tired.

This study aims to improve the attractiveness of learning the basic motion throwing, catching and kicking using the method of play and games at third Grade Students of SDN. Gondangrejo Gondangwetan Sub-district Pasuruan Regency. Retrieval of data held 1 December to 15 December 2011. Data obtaine from field notes, observation sheets, interview and documentation.

This study uses Classroom Action Research (CAR), with 2 cycles consisting of planning, implementation measures, observation and reflection carried out collaboration between researchers, teachers of Physical Education and Sports and other health students. The results of this study can be summed up some of the following: with the use methods of play and games, attractiveness learning basic motion throwing , catching and kicking up of desie sub indictor rose to 100%. Of the sub indicator spirit rose to 99,3%, while the sub indicator enthusiastically rose to 99,3%. In addition to the percentage of the attractiveness of learning, also results obtained from observations of students attitudes during the process of learning, in cycle 1 there are students who are not fully clothed, there are students who are not serious when warming up, there are student who do not pay attention when the teacher explain the learning materials, there are student who are still confused with the game. However, in cycle 2 already looks pretty good improvement in comparison to cycle 1, cycle 2 is all students, fully dressed,all students have the spirit to warm up, students do learning process well, and all the students are happy to do variations of the game. Also obtained from the attitudes of teachers are also paying less attention to student teachers during the learning progress, teachers are still lacking in time management and correction of incorrect movements are not taken immediately. However, in cycle 2, the teacher’s attention to students when learning, teachers are pretty well set up time and motion correction of the wrong done immediately.

Researchers suggest, for the teacher to enrich the kowledge about methods of learning, so that learning objectives can be achieved. For students learning can be use as a guide, for schools can be used as a benchmark the success of sport and physical education and health care for the investigators can be used as a reference source for students who conduct research related to the material in this thesis.