SKRIPSI Jurusan Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesehatan - Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan UM, 2012

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Raising Eeffort the Stand Syle Javelin Throw Skill of Grade VIII A Students of SMPN 2 Rejotangan Kabupaten Tulungagung Using Playing Game Modification

Bagus Wahyu Nugroho




Nugroho, Bagus Wahyu. 2012. Raising Eeffort  the Stand Syle Javelin Throw Skill of Grade VIII A Students of SMPN 2 Rejotangan Kabupaten Tulungagung Using Playing Game Modification. Thesis. Sport and Health Education Department, Sport Science Faculty, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Drs. Oni Bagus Januarto, M.Kes (II) Drs. Lokananta Teguh H.W, M.Kes


Keywords: Raising, Skill, Stand Style Javelin Throw, Playing Method


Stand style throw javelin is the skill of throw javelin wich starting with stand. Javelin Throw is one of subject matter in athletics that be found in competence standart junior high school grade VIII. One of the basic competence is students can dominate the javelin throw skill.

Based on a preliminary study, it was observed that the javelin throw skill of grade VIII A students of SMPN 2 Rejotangan were less. The number of students in the class is 25 with 11 male students and 14 female students. From the observation, it was revealed that 8 students from 25 students of VIII A didn’t pass from minimum passing grade (75) it caused from some reason such as cannot focus, and lack of technical skill. Therefore, innnovative delivery of material is required, which is by applying the playing game method to avoid boredom and uncreativity of students as they are having the lesson. To get the best result, elements of games should be emphasized such as the enjoyability and fun. This study aims at improving the skill in Stand style throw javelin of the 18 grade VIII A students of  SMPN 2 Rejotangan whose movement were still wrong.

This study is a classroom action research with quantitative descriptive approach. The execution of this study is in two cycles with each cycle consists of four steps; (1) planning, (2) applying, (3) observing and (4) reflection. The subject of the study is the grade VIII A students of SMPN 2 Rejotangan. The data collection instruments used in this study are observation, documentation and test.

The findings of this study are proven to be qualified to improve students’ skill in each cycle. In the first  preliminary study, from the 18 students  whose didn’t  passing the minimum passing grade of 75, there were only 2 students left who was still under the minimum passing grade. The finding shows that there is an improvement in the skill of stand style javelin throw is observable from the comparison of the pre-test results obtained before the application process and the post test result obtained in the final process of the application.

Other results found are from the observation of students’ attitude over the instruction process. In the first meeting, students did the stretching independently without teacher’s guidance, students’ late coming was ignored by the teacher and students did not pay good attention towards the teacher’s explanation. In the second meeting and the last meeting, improvement is noticed in the way that no students came late, they were more discipline, they were good in the instruction process, and they mastered the skill of  stand style javelin throw well. However, in the post test of the second cycle, some students still did some mistakes, which is normal since it is difficult to reach 100% success with no mistakes.

Based on the findings of the study, the suggestion made by the researcher is as follow. For the sport teacher in junior high schools, the playing game method can be used as one of the alternatives in teaching stand style javelin throw since based on this study, it is proven to be successful to improve the skill of stand style javelin throw of the grade VIII A students in SMPN 2 Rejotangan.