SKRIPSI Jurusan Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesehatan - Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan UM, 2012

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Raising O'Brein Style Shot Put Skill of Grade VIII D SMP Negeri 3 Rejotangan Kabupaten Tulungaggung Using Types to Play Ball Modification.

Tohari .




Tohari. 2012. Raising O'Brein Style Shot Put Skill of Grade VIII D SMP Negeri 3 Rejotangan Kabupaten Tulungaggung Using Types to Play Ball Modification. Thesis. Sport and Healt Education Department, Sport Science Faculty, State University of Malang. Advisor: (I) Drs. Mahmud Yunus, M.Kes, (II) Dra. Sri Purnami, M.Pd


Keyword: Raising, Skill, O'Brein Style Shot Put,Kind of Playing Modification


O'Brein Style Shot Put is the skill to shot the put wich starting with O'Brein Style. Shot put is one of subject matter in athletics that be found in competence standart junior high scholl grade viii. One of basic competence is students can dominate the shot put skill. Based on preliminary study, it was observed that the shot put skill of grade viii D students of SMPN 2 rejotangan were less. The number of class is 27 with 16 male students and 11 female sstudents. From the observation, it was revealed that 22 students didn't pass from minimum passing grade (75) it caused from some reason such as cannot focus and lack of technical skill. Therefore there is need for reform delivery methods ie by applying the method to avoid playing students become bored and less creative in menenerima lesson, so that learning can be successful, then the elements of play must be considered because the elements contained in the game is fun and enjoy.

The purpose of this study is to improve the skills of shot-put style O'Brein D VIII class student SMP Negeri 2 Rejotangan using the kinds of modifications to play ball. This research is a type of classroom action research with quantitative descriptive approach. Implementation of class actions is done through two cycles where each cycle consists of four phases: (1) planning, (2) implementation, (3) observation, (4) reflection. Subjects in this study were students in grade VIII D SMP Negeri 2 Rejotangan. Data collection techniques in this study using observation (observation).

The results of this study have been shown to enhance the skills of students in grade VIII D SMP Negeri 2 Rejotangan. In preliminary observations of students who were initially 22 people who do not meet minimum standards of 75 thoroughness is reduced to 3 students who do not meet minimum standards exhaustiveness. From these results showed an increase in the mastery of skills O'Brein shot-put style D class VIII students of SMP Negeri 2 Rejotangan asseen from the comparison of the results of preliminary observations are conducted during the pre-action with the result of reflection given at the end of the application. In addition to the percentage of the skill shot-put style O'Brein also obtained the results of observations on the attitudes of the students during the learning process, at a meeting of a cycle, the teacher did not accompany the student at the time of heating, the students who deviate not immediately reprimanded by teachers, and students do not pay attention explanation of the teacher when the teacher explains. But at a meeting of two already looks pretty good improvement in comparison with the meeting I, on the third meeting there was no late students, students who deviate become more disciplined, students with good learning process, students have mastered the skills and shot-put style O'Brein properly and correctly. Although on reflection I cycle there are still students who are not yet complete, this is reasonable because it is quite difficult to achieve 100% success level of students completed all.

Researchers suggest beneficial for teachers to enrich their knowledge and learning model O'Brein shot-put style that has been repaired, used as a guide for students to learn, for schools can be used as a benchmark for success pembelajan Physical Education and for researchers can be used as a reference source for students who do penelitian.yang related to the material in this thesis.