SKRIPSI Jurusan Pendidikan Kepelatihan Olahraga - Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan UM, 2017

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The Effect of Downward Adjustment Training Against Limb Muscle Power In Exercise Participants In Beginning Level Jo Runner Malang City 2017





of various sports are achieved by the Indonesian nation

various national, regional and international championships, to date has not
been so encouraging. Especially in athletic sports sprint number, one of the
factors that influence is the exercise program, exercise and physical method of
an athlete. Researchers found some problems in the early training participants
in Jo Runner, such as the increase in running ability at the athlete in Jo
Runner has not been maximized or in terms of not increased, it is due to
increased leg muscle power in the beginning of the exercise participants are
also not yet able to increase. To determine the low level of running ability
and leg muscle power, the researchers performed initial and final tests at the
time of the MPA. The underlying weakness of leg muscle limb power abilities is
the application of methods and principles of exercise that have not been able
to increase athletic limb muscle power. This is because the training has not
been exactly given a trainer to the trainees. Where the exercise provided can
not increase the muscle limb muscle participants exercise

study aims to determine the effect of weight up weight training on leg muscle
power at the first level of training participants in Jo Runner Malang.

method used in this study is the experimental method with 1 x 1 factorial
design. The population in this study is all participants of the initial level
training in Jo Runner Malang city amounting to 20 participants. The same
properties in the subject of this study are: 1) At the same age of 18 - 20
years, 2) The same sex is male, 3) has the same height. Subjects in this study
were 20 preliminary exercise participants taken with random sampling technique.
The variables in this study consist of two variables: the variable that is the
method of weight up and down load exercise, and the variables due to leg muscle
power. All data in this study was obtained through a test of standing board
jumps to determine the ability of leg muscle power. With Validity: 0.607
Reliability: 0.963. The data analysis technique used in this research is
re-examination at significance level α = 0,05. With normality and homogeneity
test, using chi square and F test.

result of this research is that the research hypothesis is accepted. In other
words that the treatment of research that apply the exercise using weight
training methods up and down the bench was able to give effect in the form of
increased leg muscle power in the first level of training participants for
athletic sports.