SKRIPSI Jurusan Kependidikan Sekolah Dasar & Prasekolah - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2010

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Gurgurem, Sapira. 2010. The Implementation of Dick and Carey Model to Improve Student’s Learning Result on Social Science Subject for V Graders of SDN (State Elementary School) Masangan, Kecamatan Bangil, Kabupaten Pasuruan. Thesis (Undergraduate). Elementary Teacher Education Major, Elementary and Pre-School Education Department, Faculty of Education, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Drs. Toha Mashudi, S.Pd.,M.Pd., (II) Drs. M.Imron Rosyadi H.Sy., S.Pd.,M.Pd.


Keywords: learning result, Dick and Carey model


Social Science aims to develop student’s potential for making his/her more aware of social problems occurring in the society, possess positive mentality on fixing up every disparity which happens, and be skillful to solving every daily problem which both deals with him/her and with the society. The problem experienced by the V graders of SDN Masangan is the low score of the learning result and cooperative behavior between students during the teaching and learning process. Hence, it needs an innovative treatment in the learning process. Dick and Carey model is one of the procedural models. It is a model which suggests that the implementation of the learning design principle should be adjusted to the steps which have to be taken as its order. The reason to use Dick and Carey model is that at the SDN Masangan, during the teaching and learning in class, teacher is not accustomed to apply a model or strategy while teaching. Teacher makes the student be familiar with conventional learning only by accomplishing the assignments written on their work book (LKS) without giving any explanation from the teacher. Hence, in this research, researcher employs Dick and Carey model to improve the student’s learning result, particularly for the V graders of SDN Masangan Kecamatan Bangil Kabupaten Pasuruan.

This research uses a qualitative approach. This is a Classroom Action Research (PTK/ Penelitian Tindakan Kelas) type, using MC Kernan Model. The data collection technique implements observation and test during the teaching and learning process. The gathered data will be analyzed by using Benchmarking Reference Assessment (PAP/Penilaian Acuan Patokan).

The acquired research results are as follow: the student’s average learning result from pre-treatment is 55.68%. After implementing Dick and Carey learning model for the cycle I and cycle II, the post-test result from cycle I is only 10 students (45.45%) who are able to get score above the applied standard of learning success (70%); while the 12 others (54.54%) have not yet passed the applied standard since the class average is 68.63%. Besides, for the cycle II, the class average score raises up which becomes 20 students (90%), and the rate of the student’s learning success is reduced become 2 students (9.91%). Therefore, from the classical point, the student’s average score both in group or individually is not yet successful because there are 2 students still that have not yet successful in the teaching and learning process, and those who are succeeded are only 20 students.

This research is expected to be able to be a reference and add the knowledge schemata for other researchers, as the effort to improve the student’s learning result by using Dick and Carey model for Social Science learning or even for other subjects.