SKRIPSI Jurusan Kependidikan Sekolah Dasar & Prasekolah - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2010

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Djangor, Feronanda. 2010. The Results Improvement of IPS (Social Science) Learning Through Group Resume Learning Model at Class IV of SDN (State Elementary School) of Ranggeh, Gondangwetan Sub District, Pasuruan Regency. Report of S1 PGSD, KSDP Department, FIP of Malang State University. Supervisor. Drs. M. Imron Rosyadi, H.Sy, S.Pd, M.Pd, Co-supervisor: Dra. Sri Sugiarti, M.Pd.


Keywords: Group Resume Learning, IPS Learning Results of SD (Elementary School)


The presence of teacher in teaching can be assessed through the planned learning achievement goals. The IPS learning goal at the elementary education such as developing knowledge and understanding the IPS concepts that is useful and can be implemented  in the daily life. But  in the fact, the IPS learning at SDN Ranggeh so far  is difficult because  the much material. Beside that the presentation in general to much use speech method and the lack variation in the learning model. So the student feel saturated with the presented learning by the teacher. The impact of the problem is the low learning results at the pre action that showed the learning results grade average of 46.83 with 10 students (33.33%) that reached completeness and 20 students (66.66%) did not achieve completeness yet.

            To overcome  the problem, the cooperative learning of group resume model be used. The research aimed at (1) describing the implementation of cooperative learning of group resume at the IPS subject at Class IV of SDN Ranggeh (2) Knowing how far the improvement of IPS results after implemented the cooperative learning  of group resume type at Class IV of SDN Ranggeh, Gondangwetan Sub District, Pasuruan Regency.

            The used approach at the research was qualitative descriptive. While the used method was qualitative research. The research included as Class Action Research (PTK) that is implemented at two cycles, each consist (1)planning, (2) implementation, (3) observation, (4) reflection. The research objects were class IV student of SDN Ranggeh of 30 students that consist of 19 female students and 11 male students and one class teacher. The used instruments in the research were: observation sheet, observation results, student work sheet, test problems, interview guide, field notes, and action implementation plan. The results showed that 1) the implementation of cooperative learning of group resume type not only improve  the cognitive aspect only, but all aspect that pertain the student development in the learning such as the ability to cooperate and student participation  in the learning, beside that the cooperative learning of group resume type able to improve the teacher ability to design and manage the learning individually, classically or in group 2) the cooperative learning implementation of group resume type improve the IPS learning results of Class IV student of SDN Ranggeh. It can be seen from the written test results at each cycle. The rest results of cycle I reach 60% and improve become  73.33% at cycle II.

            So it can be concluded that the cooperative learning of group resume type able to improve the IPS results of Class IV student of SDN Ranggeh. Of course the learning model can be implemented at the different class. The suggestion to the teachers, it is better to use the cooperative learning model of group resume type as the learning model variation. Suggestion to the  student, they should improve the learning results actively and creatively in conducting the learning activities.