SKRIPSI Jurusan Kependidikan Sekolah Dasar & Prasekolah - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2012

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Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Prodeo untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Bercerita Pengalaman Anak Kelompok B RA Nurul Huda Cemandi Kersikan Bangil

Ninik Masruro




Masruro, Ninik. 2012. Applying of Model Study of Prodeo to increase Ability Tell a story Experience of Child Group B. RA. Nurul Huda Cemandi Kersikan Bangil, Skripsi, Majors of Education Elementary School And Pre School, Faculty Science Education of Unlucky University Country. Ccounselor: (1) Prof. Dr. Sa’dun Akbar, M.Pd, (II) Wuri Astuti, S.Pd.


Keyword : Model Study of Prodeo, Interest Tell a story Experience.


Child majority of RA. Nurul Huda Cemandi Kersikan Bangil less can tell a story experience better. Pursuant to observation on 29 March until 5 April 2012 ( before conducting action ), result of assessment indicate that there is 4 child obtaining biggest individual value and 14 child obtain get value less than 64% for a while by classical its interest equal to 22% and counted 88% still not yet reached maximal interest. Besides less the existence of conducted by perception is children to environments, so that in telling a story experience still less is varying.

This research aim to for the 1) Description of applying of model study of Prodeo in improving ability tell a story about experience of Group child of B RA Nurul Huda Bangil Semester of II School Year 2011 / 2012 2) Ability Description tell a story, namely by strive improvement

This research represent classroom action research. This research is done by collaborator in course of study of reality in class which in the form of school activity, to improve repair the condition of done study. This research subject is 18 child by using is technical of data collecting, research instrument the used is observation sheet, In research of this class action consist of two cycle. Each every cycle consist of planning, action, and observation of reflection.

From result of this research is known by that there is him of is make up of ability tell a story about experience of child with result of research at cycle        of 72%, continued at cycle of II become 94%, so that experience of improvement 24%. This matter indicate that model study of prodeo can improve ability tell a story experience of child of RA. Nurul Huda Bangil.

Pursuant to result of data analysis, taken by conclusion that Applying of model study of prodeo can improve interest tell a story about experience of group child of B RA. Nurul Huda Bangil seen condition and situation. So whenever use model study of prodeo suggested have to see the condition of weather and child, and also intertwining of good coordination between related element.