SKRIPSI Jurusan Kependidikan Sekolah Dasar & Prasekolah - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2011

Ukuran Huruf:  Kecil  Sedang  Besar


Yudhi Djabumir




Djabumir, Yudhi. 2011. The Upgrading of Descriptive Writing Ability through Independent Writing Learning on the Fourth Graders SDN Klojen, Malang.  Thesis.  Primary  School  Teacher  Education, Department of  Elementary  and  Preschool  Education,  Faculty  of  Education, State University  of Malang. Advisors  (1) Drs. Rumidjan, M.Pd., (2) Drs. I Wayan Sutama, M.Pd.


Keywords: descriptive writing  ability,  Independent Writing  learning,  the  fourth graders of Elementary School


Elementary  school  students,  especially  the  fourth  graders  is  expected  to have  ability  in descriptive writing. Based on  the  initial observation  in  the  fourth grade SDN Klojen, it is found that students' writing ability is still low (61.7%). It can be seen from their score of assignment and daily tests concerning descriptive writing subject  that  is students'  interest and motivation  in writing are still  low. It happened because  there  is still  low habituation  in writing  that causes such a  long time  for students  to  find  ideas and opinions. Besides,  they have not been able  to express  their  ideas/opinions well, develop a  language ability, and  their writing  is still far from passing grade. All of those happened since the teacher has no idea to use  various  learning model, method or other  types  of  learning  that  can  improve students' weaknesses  in writing  and  the  learning  that  has  been  implemented  is teacher-centered. Besides, the teacher focuses teaching and learning process more on textbooks and he/she tends to assess students' ability in writing while students' technique has not been noticed yet. Because of that, the purpose of this study is to upgrade students' ability in descriptive writing through independent writing on the fourth grade SDN Klojen, kecamatan Klojen, Malang.

The  type  of  study  used  here  is  classroom  action  research  (PTK).  The instrument employed are observation, documentation, and  test. While  the subject of this study is fourth graders of SDN Klojen consists of 34 students. This study is conducted in two cycles in which each cycle is conducted in two meetings through planning,  implementation  of  the  action,  observation  and  reflection  stages. Independent writing  learning is conducted through three stages. First, students are asked  to  observe  their  school  environment,  interview  their  teachers  in  SDN Klojen.  Second,  students  are  asked  to  discuss  with  their  friends  after  having observation.  The  third  stage  is  concerning  with  writing.  It  can  be  seen  when students start to write descriptive writing based on the observation result.

The  result  from  each  research  shows  that  students  ability  in  descriptive writing upgrades. The upgrading of passing grade (group discussion) on the cycle I  is  as big  as 64.7%,  and 91.1% on  the  cycle  II. The passing grade  (descriptive writing ability) obtained on pre-action  is as big as 38.2%, 64,7% on  the cycle  I, and 94.1% on cycle II.

The implementation of independent writing in descriptive writing learning is  one  of many  alternatives  in  upgrading Elementary School  students'  ability  in descriptive  writing  so  that  it  can  affect  their  learning  outcome.  Based  on  this study,  it  can  be  concluded  that  by  implementing  independent  writing  learning, students'  learning outcome  increases. Finally,  it  is suggested  that  teachers should open-minded  and want  to  use  other models, methods,  approaches  and  types  of learning to upgrade students' ability.