SKRIPSI Jurusan Kependidikan Sekolah Dasar & Prasekolah - Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan UM, 2011

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Eka Dessea


Peningkatan Kemampuan Bercerita Dengan Menggunakan Media Gambar Pada Anak Kelompok B DI TK PKK Bandulan Malang


Eka Dessea


Abstract:Storytelling is a universal human needs, from children to adults. Storytelling is something which tells the story about the act or an event in an attempt to orally elicits the potential of language skills. In general, group B children in kindergarten PKK Bandulan Malang. Most of the shows the ability of language is less accomplished than the other basic skills, especially storytelling. It can be said in a low-telling ability (1) courage 50%, (2) accuracy of 25%, (3) 25% smoothness. Activity telling is an important and integral activity in early childhood education programs. To overcome this problem, apply the learning to tell by using self-made images in group B children in kindergarten PKK Bandulan Malang. This research aims: (1) describe the application of learning to tell by using self-made image, (2) describe the development of the ability to tell by using the images made their own. The design used in this research is a classroom action research (Classroom Action Research), which through cycles. The subjects of this research is that children in group B with the number of 22 children. The research instrument in the form of observation activities guide students to know the ability to tell stories. Analysis of research data that is used is descriptive quantitative.

Conclusion this research shows that increased ability to tell by using the images created its own in the first cycle mencapi score of 86.36% while in the second cycle to reach a score of 100%. In the second cycle, children become better understood, have courage, and prompt, fluent in storytelling.Suggestions presented include (1) Teachers should always be creative and innovative in helping to develop all the potential of children, (2) for the sake of smooth implementation and to tell by using the images created its own kindergarten teacher should be enthusiastic and always give motivation to the children and always lead in story telling; (3) not all boring story activities for children, but let's always used the activity. At the initial stage and at the end of the learning activities let us a little talk and children can mimic the back story for children can be trained to speak fluently, accurately and correctly.



Keywords: ability to tell stories, who created his own image, TK