SKRIPSI Jurusan Ilmu Keolahragaan - Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan UM, 2013

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Pengembangan Model Latihan Gerak Dasar Lokomotor Lari dan Lompat Melalui Pendekatan Bermain pada Anak Usia 6-8 Tahun di SDN Bandulan I Malang.

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Based on an initial study of needs analysis (needs assessment) conducted by researchers at the SDN Bandulan I Malang for physical education teachers and parents obtained information that: (1) physical education teacher agreed that if the development of a model of motion exercises basic locomotor run and jump through play approach applied for students because no previous training models vary, so it can be used as an alternative model of exercise through play in the learning process. (2) 88.48% of parents agree that their children are given the basic model of motion games for developing basic locomotor movements especially running and jumping through play approach.

In this study researchers used a model of development is the development of a modified Gall Bord and researchers become more simple, namely: (1) initial research and data collection information by interviewing Elementary School physical education teacher Bandulan I Malang and provide a needs analysis questionnaire for physical education teachers and parents. (2) Development of the initial product forms the basis of the motion model of locomotor training run and jump through games for children aged 6-8 years and then evaluated by experts. (3) Perform the initial trial (s), using 1 school and 10 subjects with 6 observers. (4) Revision of the initial product (in accordance with the advice of the observer in the small group testing). (5) The trials large group was performed at 1 school using 30 subjects and 9 observer. (6) Revision of the final product according the results of the test large group. (7) The final product in the form of basic locomotor model of motion exercises run and jump through games for children aged 6-8 years at SDN Bandulan I Malang obtained from a large group of test results. In this study the development of techniques of data analysis is descriptive analysis techniques with percentages. This technique is used to analyze the data obtained from the questionnaire spreading.

The initial product has been justified by a motor development and physical education expert end result suggests that models the game as a warm-up exercise can be tested. From the test results by using a small group of 10 test subjects were obtained from the observer is 81.41% and the large group trial with 30 subjects using the test results obtained percentage of 92.94%, so the model elementary motion locomotor training run and jump through approaches play in children aged 6-8 years can be used in SDN Bandulan I Malang.