SKRIPSI Jurusan Geografi - Fakultas Ilmu Sosial UM, 2016

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Penerapan Pendekatan Scientific Dengan Menggunakan Model Jigsaw Untuk Meningkatkan Pemahaman Konsep Siswa Kelas XI IPS 1 SMAN 1 Kraksaan

Dewi Rhomila




Rhomila, Dewi. 2016. Applying Scientific Appraoch Using Jigsaw Model to Increase Concept Comprehension of Students Grade XI IPS 1 SMAN1 Kraksaan.Thesis. Geography Department, Faculty Of Social, State University of Malang. Advisors ( I ) Dr .Budi Handoyo, M.Si ( II ) Drs . Hendri Purwito, M.Si.

Keywords: Jigsaw Model, Scientific Approach , Concept Comprehension.

The problem found in this studyis the lack of students concept comprehension which is shown by 93,1% students can not ful fill the requirements of the mid-test. It deals with the learning model that the teacher used. The problems formulation in this study is whether applying scientific approach using jigsaw model can increase the concept comprehension of the students.The design employed in this study is classroom action research ( PTK). This study was conducted in 2 cycles. Every cycle consists of three meetings. The subject of this study is 29 students of XI IPS 1, specifically 15 men and 14 women. Instruments used in this research are observation sheet of action accomplishments, field notes, and also concept comprehension test.


The result of this study presents that concept comprehension of the students has increased. The improvement between pre action and cycle I is 66,4%, and the classification changed from enough into good.Then, the improvement in the cycle I and cycle II is 11,6% which classified as very good. The researcher suggests that the Jigsaw model can be applied into teaching and learning process since. it can enhance the students concept comprehension. Besides, it is suitable to 2013 curriculum. The improvement of comprehension lies on the observing activity that integrated with Jigsaw model.