SKRIPSI Jurusan Geografi - Fakultas Ilmu Sosial UM, 2016

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Haris Aldino



Aldino, Haris. 2016. The Land Suitability Evaluation of Cacalan Coast in Klatak village Kalipuro subdistrict as a Tourism Destination. Thesis, Departement of Geography, Faculty of Sosial Sciences, State University Malang. Advisor (I) Drs. Mustofa, M.Pd (II) Drs. M. Yusuf Idris. 

Keyword: tourist destination, Cacalan Beach, land suitability.

Banyuwangi is a district at the eastern end of java that has the potential the natural attraction which very abundant. Potentials the natural attraction which is in Banyuwangi are not managed optimally. One of several shores in RTRW but not yet developed was Cacalan Beach. In preliminary observations the physical condition of the coast of Cacalan support as tourist destinations. Supposed to exist evaluation conformity land to the development of the coast of Cacalan as a favorite tourist destination.

The purpose of this research is to study about unit land use parameters physical immobilize and support tourism activity. Evaluation conformity land undertaken in order to discover potential cacalan physical coast. Based on potential physical owned can be used as the consideration in the direction of development coast cacalan as a favorite tourist destination.

This research adopting both quantitative descriptive. Based on a method of its implementation this research using the method of measurement the field. The data has been collected then analyzed by means of comparing it with the criteria of conformity coast lands. An instrument used in this research include: worksheets the field, sheets of observation and a list of secondary data. Data analysis technique used in this research is descriptive data analysis using scorring quantitative.

The assessment results of the shows that the feasibility Cacalan Beach as a favorite tourist destination have total a score of 115. The Cacalan Beach having wind speed the average 4.7 m/s, topography the coast of  8°, wide shoreline the average 13.4 meters, with high waves the average 0.49 m. Based on the distance the availability of water, Cacalan Beach in the accordance namely 0,007 km of shoreline. Cover coast lands lowland open, the palms and grass. Type coast from the Cacalan Beach is sandy beaches with black, while accessibility Cacalan Beach are accessible, transportation available and the roads very good. The level of coast lands Cacalan characterizes category was perfectly suited to make a tourist destinations. Category the level of land that bay based on the classification of all indicatorspopulation increase and it is balanced by the increasing of rice needs, while the production of the rice production is showing the degradation in number.

This study is aiming to know: (1) The number and composition of the population in Kediri Regency in 2015-2040; (2) The Rice Production in Kediri Regency year 2015-2040; (3) Rice needs in Kediri Regency year 2014-2040; (4) The Ration of Rice Production in Kediri Regency year 2015-2040. This study is an analysis by using the secondary data and quantitative as the method and also descriptive approach by using data analysis using software spectrum module of demographic projection and RAPID.

The result of the study showed that (1) The number and composition of the population in Kediri Regency based on the population projection of 2015-2040 are always changing. By 2015 the total population of 1,502,232 inhabitants Kediri Regency and by 2040 the population of 1,587,857 inhabitants Kediri Regency. (2) Production of rice in Kediri Regency based on the results of the 2015-2040 projection is always increased, from 189,343.7 tons in 2015 to 138,955.9 tons in 2040 (3) The need for rice in Kediri Regency based on the projected increase in line with the increase of population. By 2015 the need for rice in Kediri Regency amounted to 165,889.6 tons increased in 2040 became 175,345.1 tons. (4) The ratio of rice production and the need for rice in the rice requirement was fulfilled from 2015 to 2020, the year 2025-2040 rice requirement can not be met. In 2015 the ratio of rice production to the needs of 23454.1 tons of rice surplus and at the end of the projected 2040 deficit of 36389.2 tons.

In accordance with the problems above there are some recommendation that can be the consideration are (1) The Government of Kediri Regency altogether with the related party such as BPPKB Kediri also BKKBN must press the growth rate of population in Kediri in the overcoming year. (2) The government of Kediri Regency works together with the Agriculture Department of Kediri must increase the production of rice in Kediri Regency. (3) The large amount of rice needs must be pressed so that the consumption per capita towards rice will be decreased. (4) The rice production must be suited with the needs of rice and the number of population in Kediri Regency.